Journal From The Future (part 2)

Here is part 1.

81 AH, 13:50

There are barely over two weeks left before the aliens, or whatever people call them nowadays, render their “collegial decision” about Earth and humanity. The deal is we’re either “cordoned off indefinitely” or “welcomed into the confederation of races”.

Those were the alien’s exact words. I’m not sure what they mean anymore.

People are assuming being cordoned off is bad, but honestly I don’t know. I still don’t understand what difference it would make with the way it was before they showed up. It feels like I’m agreeing to something I don’t fully grasp. Something seems wrong about it.

Expressing such doubts in public today would be akin to blasphemy. The old powers that be are gone, but the new ones are just as ruthless, and now the police is enforcing prohibition on what they’re calling “true xenophobia”.

Everyone is excited and think we will “pass the test”. I don’t know what would happen if we don’t make it.

I wish I had gotten that remote place in the mountains, and bought more gold, when both were still so cheap.

93 AH, 14:10

Tomorrow, the networks are switching to their “weekly clock”. Celebrations are being held all over the world. One week. Tomorrow, there’s just one small week left.

All of this bothers me so much… it’s like it’s entertainment. For people, and for my friends, all of this is entertainment. The wars, famines, dislocations, even what happened to the pensions … it is like a spectacle. The narrative is so clean and coherent, the emotions so contrived, the audience demographics so caricatural …

Well, not everyone thinks it is entertainment. I received an invitation to a forum of people that are all about living in or moving to remote areas, “living off the land”, and doing everything in smaller groups. I didn’t know this existed; or rather, I did, but I thought it was called differently, and I used to make fun of it.

94 AH, 18:30

I slept the whole day, because I spent the night reading through that forum. Most of the participants there have been at it for years, and are fully organized in remote, mountainous locations.

The first thing I realized, is they thought something like this might happen (what they call the “alien disclosure”). They seem to have predicted it was a “possible culmination”.

Second, they believe it is all part of an elaborate ruse, a scripted show (as they call it). So they do say it is entertainment, though they claim to see through it, and not to be entertained by it.

Third, they have crazy ideas of who is behind it and what their goal is.

95 AH 23:15

I’ve been reading non-stop. What I’m learning is fascinating.

It turns out not everyone heard the “alien” three months ago. Users in that forum that are the farthest from any city didn’t hear anything. Also, people in a foreign country at the time of the address heard it in that country’s tongue, not their own; I knew about this, but I had never really paid attention to it.

I learned there are methods for inducing sounds with microwaves, what is called “voice-to-skull” technology, and that it has been used in the past.

What if this “alien address” was not broadcast via magical alien telepathy, but rather quite mundane terrestrial means?

And who knows what I saw on my screen? Could it have been somehow fake?

96 AH, 10:55

OK, this is absolutely crazy. Here is the thing.

Most of what I thought was true and hadn’t personally verified turns out to be most likely wrong.

Granted, I’ve never been to Australia, and I still believe Australia exists. There is enough corroborating evidence. Where is Australia, however? Could the Earth actually be hollow?

I know it sounds crazy. But one thing I keep reading is “you can entertain an idea for a very long time without ever accepting it”.

Most of what I thought I knew about history, economics, medicine, law, and politics was wrong.

Man has but one eternal and constant enemy: government. “But what if a warlord oppresses people because there’s no government?”. Well then, he is the government.

There is a parasitic, evil force that has been behind government for a long time. It is the natural enemy of liberty, innocence, and virtue. It recoils at beauty, love and truth.

It puts up this show people call the news, which later becomes history. It effectively controls banking, corporate power, academia, and the media (mainstream and alternative). It relies on illusion and misdirection; it casts spells. And as I’m starting to realize, I myself have been mesmerized by it.

97 AH, 17:15

I stopped reading a bit, and started thinking. I have this pressing feeling that I must decide where I stand, and that I have to do so within the next four days. I will update this journal when it gets clearer in my mind.

100 AH, 06:40

What do I know for sure? What can I know for sure?

I know that I am. If I wasn’t, I couldn’t be asking the question. I can’t be sure what, who or where I am, or what being even means. But I know that I am.

I also know there is something called “reality” that I am aware of. My sensory perceptions, my thoughts, emotions, and memories are all part of it. Everything I experience is part of it, including dreaming. I have memories of the past and ideas about the future, but these exist only in the present; this reality, it seems I can only experience it in the present, right here and right now.

It also seems this reality is not perfectly objective, as there are many ways I could experience it differently. I could be dreaming, or taking psychedelics, or wearing upside down goggles; I could be color-blind, or synesthete, or schizophrenic; in all cases, given enough time, I would consider any of these realities “normal”. Therefore I cannot know whether my currently normal, waking reality is the “main” one.

Perhaps there’s another reality I become aware of and remember after I die, exactly as there is another reality I become aware of and remember when I wake up from dreaming.

And for all I know, that reality I wake up to after I die is itself a dream.

It doesn’t matter though, because I know that I am. That’s really great news, when I think about it. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t suffer of not being; and since I am, I can rejoice fully and bathe in the mystery of what this apparent “reality” might actually be.

100 AH, 10:30

I’ve been re-reading my whole journal. It helps me realize how much I’ve changed. I guess it all started when the pandemic circus unraveled; I wasn’t able to forget that fiasco.

For most of my friends, the questioning came later, when the economic meltdown happened.

Now I understand it was all part of the plan. The occult rulers of this world wanted me to reject the prevailing “system”, or rather the “story” that had been conjured up until the “alien” showed up; that was merely the culmination, something I had been unconsciously primed, prepared and groomed for. The planners had been, voluntarily and for a long time, planting the seed of discontent. The last “sheep” was probably “undomesticated” with the 33-terabyte pedoleaks (actually not, I know people who continued defending institutions and their leaders even when that happened).

That’s why I initially greeted the aliens; that’s why I attended those demonstrations in defense of them. It was reverse psychology. That was the behavior that was expected of me. It all makes sense now. It’s really not that complicated.

100 AH, 12:45

The whole alien visitation story is a scam. And I discovered this only recently, days before they’re supposed to “come back”.

I must say it is quite anticlimactic. That’s not what I had expected an “alien invasion” to be. I guess I was primed, with all the series and movies.

It turns out there were no UFOs 100 days ago. They were holograms and/or CGI. For the telepathy routine, they used the microwave towers and a voice-to-skull broadcast.

They wiped out Vatican City and Mecca for occult reasons. No UFO debris was found anyway, and they stopped talking about these two places, as if they belonged to an “old age”.

Whoever is behind this is absolutely pathetic. I mean it in the strict sense; I cannot make myself hate them. How far from truth and love they must be … they are already in hell.

I am responsible for what I do; others are responsible for what they do. Changing the world means changing other people; and for all I know, these other people are a reflection of myself, or some other figment.

The external world is a reflection happening inside my own internal world. Without the latter, the former wouldn’t exist. So the interior world is the primordial one, the “main” one. Whatever happens outside of me is less important than what happens inside.

If my interior world is the primordial one, then what I’ve been taught are subjective things are actually objective. Love, melancholy, beauty, joy. It also means these things are of primordial importance in the exterior world, as they come from the “superior” realm.

So how should I behave? Simply in truth. Seeking, speaking and doing the truth. I am otherwise detached from what is happening on my screen of consciousness, although in absolute awe that it exists.

100 AH, 14:50

I’ve made my decision of whether I am “pro-alien” or “anti-alien”, whether I “welcome them” or “reject them”. A day before the deadline, I know where I stand. I’m finally able to write it.

Here is my answer to the “alien”.

I don’t care. Go fuck yourself. Leave me alone.

I literally don’t care whether we “make it” or not tomorrow. There are honestly many better things to have strong opinions about. I have nothing to do with it, it’s just words, and I do not control its outcome, therefore it neither bothers me nor interests me.

I’ve also decided to leave my apartment. Tonight.

Guys from the forum have a “freedom cell” in the mountains 4 hours from here. They invited me over, since I’ve been exchanging with them a lot. I should be there before midnight.

That is the only right thing to do. I withdraw my main attention thread from the circus. I shall certainly keep an eye on the show, and especially on what the various audiences are thinking. But I choose to watch it from a distance, far away from the clowns.

That involves moving to a more secluded area.

101 AH, 00:35

Tomorrow early in the morning is when the “aliens” are supposed to “come back”. I think I know exactly what will happen, and many people up here agree with me. Most have gone to bed already, and I’ll do the same. Billions of people in cities worldwide are outside right now, awaiting the return. It’s good to be away from all that.

101 AH, 19:25

Exactly as predicted the “aliens” didn’t show up. They were supposed to appear at 6:33 this morning, and nothing happened.

Well, not exactly nothing. The billions of people waiting were eager. There was a global countdown from 3600 starting at 5:33. People were singing, hugging, praying, sobbing, convulsing …

It was good to sleep through it.

When the countdown hit 0, they say the world fell silent; that for one minute, every man, woman and child held their breath.

The hive-mind is now in the first stage of grief: denial. They are saying the aliens are due tomorrow, even though the first day was purposefully counted as 0 so the number would match. There are still hundreds of millions of people in the streets.

I’m expecting anger to start soon.

Anyway, that hasn’t been my focus today. I’ve established quarters, and I have already been helping out. The view and the water up here are amazing.

162 AH, 21:20

I was right about the stages of grief. And it happened pretty fast.

Anger: they blamed the sinners, too numerous, who dissuaded the aliens.

Bargaining: they made rituals to sacrifice the biggest sinners and thus persuade the aliens to return.

Depression: they blamed themselves and everyone else, saying humanity isn’t worthy.

Acceptance: they are saying the words are prophecy, that we don’t know what the alien meant by 101 days, and that it will come true one day. A new religion is born.

My life up here has been hard work, but liberating. I depend only on myself and a few like-minded people around me. I’ve almost not been following the “news”, only working and reading books (they have a local libgen mirror).

177 AH, 08:10

There are only 6 “credible” people left in the world running for the title of spokesperson of the aliens. Depending on the brand, there are either calling themselves prophets, messiahs or saviors. It’s like a global reality show, even though it’s presented as something grave of which they purport to dislike the violence.

Who is “they”? Who says what other people believe? Well, head of a circus, the ringmaster of course. The global common knowledge, the spell cast through misdirection; the media and government pretending to bow to the will of the people, selling different (but mutually coherent) identities to various audiences.

When you control that loud speaker, you control not so much what people think, but what people think that other people think. And that is all you need really.

178 AH, 10:30

Short update, there are only 3 messiahs left in the story. The other 3 “died” last night in the same bombing attack. They were discussing an alliance. It happened on a Friday night in prime time.

I wouldn’t want to be in the Middle East right now.

185 AH, 12:05

Nobody is speaking about the aliens anymore, except as deities. It’s become all about who is meant to represent them on Earth, a.k.a. their “chief priest”. One contendent has a ridiculous little wand that he calls a “caduceus of the gods” and brandishes as proof of his special status.

I’ve been growing vegetables and fixing up houses. I got rid of my phone weeks ago.

194 AH, 15:35

The messiah in the black robe, the one with the caduceus, prevailed after performing some kind of luminous trick with his wand on live TV. He then performed a highly-publicized animal sacrifice in Jerusalem. There is complete and unadulterated peace in the Middle East.

What I’ve only just realized is there are thousands of “freedom cells” like ours all over the world, in every country, in different shapes, sizes and forms.

Even “regular” people aren’t nearly as excited by the circus as the TV or mainstream social media says. Most actually don’t care, even if they don’t know they don’t care.

There is a coronation ceremony tomorrow. I will gladly miss it.

To be continued.