Crown and Phase

The central planners, the barbarians who control the show, are obsessed with symbols, words, dates and numbers; they rely on them to cast spells and produce preordained outcomes.

We have covered some of the ritualistic aspect of the coronacircus; we explained how rites of passage involve an isolation phase, a humiliation ritual, and a rebirth; and how these steps correspond respectively to the lockdowns, masks, and expected “great reset”.

Through this lens, the choice of the word corona (crown in Latin) becomes obvious: crowning occurs at the second stage of labor, when the baby’s head starts emerging at the vaginal orifice; similarly, a monarch’s coronation ritual symbolizes a rebirth, where he assumes a new name and ascends to a sacred status.

In kabbalah, the first sephiroth is the crown. The highest chakra is similarly called the crown. It is a Saturnian symbol representing illumination, or attainment of “higher consciousness”. This “ring of fire” is the halo of saints and the circular head garments the priest class has always adorned.

Humanity, the initiate, is expected to be transformed. The phoenix must rise from the ashes. The coronacircus is a coronation ritual.

Big Secret

What is the big occult secret? This big truth taught by the “mysteries”? Can it be explained simply?

We are talking about a piece of knowledge that was very esoteric in Antiquity – i.e. reserved to an inner circle of initiates. It is quite safe to assume that, in this age of information, it should be out there somewhere, in some book or manuscript.

Even if the signal-to-noise ratio is low, it must still be there, publicly available. And if we can perceive it clearly, we can express it simply.

This big secret, we can safely say it doesn’t need to be believed, it can be readily observed.

Heraclitus, in the 5th century B.C., hints in one Fragment:

But other men have no idea what they are doing when awake
Just as they forget what they do when they are asleep.

The 6th century British Bard Taliesin, in his poem Mabgyvreu (‘Elements of Instruction’) talks about it too:

Knowest thou what thou art
In the hour of sleep—
A mere body—a mere soul—
Or a secret retreat of light?

We will now try to put it as bluntly as possible.

Our physical reality is not the only reality; there are other objective realms, other dimensions of existence. Everyone experiences them eventually, in the “afterlife”. It is also possible to consciously go there through lucid dreaming, deep meditation, deliberate projection, physical/psychological trauma, hypnosis, or by consuming certain plants or chemicals. We sometimes involuntarily and unconsciously go there in certain stages of sleep. These dimensions are inhabited by a seeming hierarchy of discarnate beings.

That is the big secret of the shamans and other adepts. Through one method or another, they consciously and calmly travel these “astral planes”. From there, they can influence the physical plane, either by learning about it, or through direct agency. This immaterial world, we prefer to call it the phase (as it is a different “phase” of the information signal we call “reality”).

Many will have heard of “near death experiences”, and might wonder if they are real and objective. They might not realize they can experiment for themselves; anyone can do it, it is not even difficult. Traditionally, you had to be “worthy”. Today this age-old, reserved practice is open source.

Mystics have taught about it, and many religious traditions explicitly warn against it; it is the land of jinns, ghosts, and demons; early 20th century practitioner, Theosophist Oliver Fox, also says it’s dangerous.

If we were living in 15th-century Europe, here is what we could be saying:

There is a continent beyond the ocean; its rumor was in folklore, but now we know it’s there; some of our contemporaries have gone and come back, and their testimonies are clear and consistent. This continent belongs to the realm of objective knowledge, although its contour is unmapped. If you want to go see it for yourself, here is how to build a sail boat. The continent is vast, and we are not sure it is without danger.

The Phase

Many names have been given to the process of tuning into the phase: astral projection, out-of-body experience, near death experience, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, superconscious trance/hypnotic state, etc. The experience can vary greatly in lucidity, control, and “distance”.

Sleep paralysis is a common experience of the phase, where someone has a false awakening, i.e. regains lucidity after sleep but remains tuned into the phase; he cannot move his physical body, and may experience “supernatural” phenomenon (none of which is actually supernatural, as the phase is part of nature).

Young children will sometimes wake-up after wetting their bed swearing they actually went to the bathroom, and that they just “reappeared there”. Adults may sometimes similarly wake-up, get up, dress, start taking their breakfast … only to wake up a second time back in their bed. Both these instances of false awakening are other common examples of involuntary phase experiences.

Indeed the phase is very realistic. Some may say even more realistic than waking reality.

What do Dali, Beethoven, and Aristotle have in common? Playing with hypnagonic sleep and lucid dreaming for inspiration: that is, downloading ideas from the phase.

Before we start sketching the sail boat, there is one very important point to keep in mind.

The phase has nothing to do with enlightenment, and we do not need to go there in order to find it. The phase is another part of the dream we call objective reality, merely an extension of the one we are most familiar with. We can verify its coherence with waking reality, but it still represents a projection on the screen of consciousness.

The Truth is right here, and right now. It is beyond all words, categories, and perceptions. It exists everywhere and always, and it is unchangeable. We have already explained how to get a glimpse of it; we recommend reading that post over.

The word reality derives from regalis, i.e. belonging to the king. That which is real is that which belongs to the crown. And it’s not only about real estate.


There are many methods to calmly and voluntarily experience the phase. The most studied is lucid dreaming; it involves first and foremost a strong will, and working on dream recall through a dream journal. It was studied by Stephen LaBerge at Stanford, this is a copy of his book A Course in Lucid Dreaming (for evaluation purposes only).

When the phase is called an out-of-body experience, the most common approach is the direct technique, proposed by Robert Monroe. It relies on the hypnagonic state, i.e. the onset of sleep. It is relatively hard as well, especially to perform on a regular basis. It is usually preceded by a “vibrational state”, where loud sounds may be heard.

When the hypnopompic state (end of sleep) is used instead, it is called the indirect technique. The one described by Michael Raduga is the most effective we have found. It involves “cycling” through separation techniques when waking up after an incomplete sleep. It boils down to trying to prolong the dream, and retain lucidity while doing so, by brute forcing various methods.

He is also the one we took the expression “phase” from, as we find it best describes the experience. He provides a free book on his website (archive), and here is part 1 of a seminar in Russian with English voice-over (archive 1, 2, 3).

As we said, the phase is open source. Anyone can go and visit this continent, and decide for themselves how objective and “real” it actually is. There are other methods to get there, but we don’t have first-hand experience, don’t know how stable these phases experiences are, and won’t be covering them.

If we were to summarize the best phase entry technique in our opinion, this would be it:

Go to bed a bit earlier than usual in the evening, and set your alarm for 2-3 hours less than your usual sleep time, i.e. if you usually need 8 hours, set your alarm to go off in 5-6 hours.

When it does, get up, empty your bladder, and spend about 30 minutes reading about the phase; focus on what your goal is. A few times, stop what you’re doing and start vigorously rubbing the palms of your hands together until they heat; do this each time for as long as comfortable; look at them and remember their appearance; focus on the sensation, the sound, the warmth – all the while asking yourself whether you’re already in the phase.

After the half-hour has elapsed, go back to bed, and fall asleep with the intent of waking up in the next dream, and while picturing and feeling yourself rubbing your hands as before (but without physically moving). In the next 3 or more hours of sleep, each time you either doze off, or immediately after waking up, without physically moving, and with your eyes closed, focus on the hands: feel the movement, the sensation, the warmth, and hear the sound.

As soon as you start feeling the sensation or warmth of the hands rubbing, or hearing the sound, you’re already in the phase, and it’s just a matter of deepening and separating. Focus on the sensation/sound intently. Picture them in your mind’s eye. They should, at some point, appear in front of you.

If they don’t, and you fall back to sleep, it’s no big deal. Fall asleep with the strong will of waking up in the dream, and while still feeling/hearing/seeing your hands rubbing; when you wake up, immediately continue the procedure. Keep focusing intently on the picture, sensation and sound of the hands rubbing vigorously, until you feel, see, or hear them clearly.

When you do, it is just a matter of getting up, levitating or rolling over. The following can’t be stressed enough: the phase is very realistic. It is very common to think we’ve physically moved, that we aren’t in the phase. The sensation/movement of rolling over or getting up is exactly the same as in waking reality; but if you’ve felt yourself move at this point, you most likely didn’t move your physical body, for it is fast asleep.

We should point out that the hand rubbing is merely a good way of focusing on many senses at once, and to be able to rehearse it in advance; the point is to tune into the phase by maintaining that focus while in-between sleep and wakefulness. Any other purposeful movement will do.

To verify you are in the phase, you could try breathing through your nose while holding it, looking at your watch twice in a row, putting your hand through a wall, or appearing in some other location by focusing your intent and will (at the beginning, the closer the better).

The Continent

It takes practice to travel the phase efficiently. This author does not claim to have gone very far. But there are those who have, and who give a consistent account. We propose a short overview; the easiest is to start by giving a summary of what happens after physical death. This is something we are trying to do under the lens of knowledge, not belief.

Upon physical death, we exit the body, and start “floating” above it. Depending on circumstances and beliefs, we may be more or less surprised of our continued lucidity and consciousness, and may linger more or less time on the Earth plane (comforting loved ones, attending our funeral, etc.).

What happens next is attuned to our expectations. Tortured people go to tortured consensus realities (travelers speak of entire cities resembling cities on Earth, with consciousnesses “going to work”, paying bills, etc.; there may even be more tortured mental realms, like actual “hell”).

For most people, a tunnel eventually opens, we go through it, and are met with beings we identify as relatives, angels, guides, etc. We then transit to a holding area, and are given a life review. We examine life choices, and then loiter in the phase with a given group of other consciousnesses for a few decades.

These consensus realities where we wait are shaped to correspond to our beliefs; if there are no strong beliefs it can take the shape of a school, with classes, etc. Travelers write of contraptions like wheels, or conveyor belts, through which people are taken to the right place. After a while we are encouraged/convinced to reincarnate, choose a new time, place, and set of challenges, and go back to Earth.

We are putting it as bluntly and clearly as possible. Most people reincarnate, and most of us have had many lives before this one.

When we experience the phase without physically dying, we may see a silver cord tied to our body; we can go back to the body at any time merely by thinking about it. Depending on the deepness of the phase, we experience different realms. The plane closest to Earth is very similar to it (although still with some differences); there we can verify objectivity of the phase, by observing unknown things and then corroborating them in waking life.

Traveling the phase takes practice, even though it is quite easy to have short and close phase experiences. At some point, the traveler may be able to have a phase within the phase, i.e. a projection from the projection, or a lucid dream within a lucid dream. This is where he can visit higher realms, and start witnessing the various consensus realities, holding areas, etc.


But why are we mentioning the phase at all?

First and foremost, because it is an important truth, and that is what we have committed to divulge, to the best of our abilities. The phase is part of nature; whether it corroborates or contradicts past or present belief systems is not of concern here; we’ve tried to avoid religious language.

Second, because it happens to be an important part of the “big secret” held by occultists. They use the phase to control the physical realm. They also have various ideas about the hierarchy and order there, but that is a topic for another day.

Third, because we think the central planners are getting ready to divulge (part of) that truth. We think it is part of the “great disclosure” and “new age” they are promising. They might even bring in a savior, prophet, alien or messiah to tell the world of this new continent of the “afterlife”.

The coronacircus is a coronation ritual. Humanity is being primed for an evolution, that will involve some kind of disclosure. The “current order” is in the last stages of deliberate and controlled demolition. The phoenix rising from the ashes is to be crowned.

Actually, the disclosure has already started; and it is inextricably linked to the alien narrative. The Wikileaks emails, Robert Monroe’s CIA declassified gateway project report, and Steven Greer’s Netflix production are 3 among many recent examples.

There is one religion that purports to uphold most of these ideas and concepts, and that is more popular than ever. That is, the New Age religion, founded upon Theosophy, itself grounded in the kabbalah. It’s in the name: that is the religion of the new age being promised by central planners. It has critical limitations.


We have presented a piece of knowledge that used to be occulted; it has become open source and therefore simplified, but it still isn’t widely disseminated. Presumably, someone might try tuning into the phase because of us, might succeed, and that might be life-altering. So, was it irresponsible to write about it? Are some truths best kept hidden?

That’s for each one to decide in conscience.

We believe knowledge is merely a tool; the consciousness that wields it determines how good or bad it is. Knowledge implies responsibility, and should never be placed above conscience. The word liberty is from liber, book; an asymmetry of knowledge is detrimental to individual liberty.

The barbarians will fail spectacularly, as the free market of ideas necessarily allows the emergence of truth.

Experiencing the phase is mostly a benign experience, just as waking life is. There is nothing to be afraid of a priori. The only recommendation would be to apprehend it with candid curiosity, as a passive observer, at all times aware that it is just a dream in which you are sovereign.