Review of Predictions

Many developments have occurred in the “news” lately, and it would be appropriate to review some of the predictions we’ve been making in the past few months. When making such forecasts, our principal aim is to give ourselves the means of testing our model; of later assessing the correctness of our understanding.

The elephant in the room is obviously Donald Trump. We believed he would still be the US president, and indeed we had predicted his victory in the last elections. As it stands today, we were wrong. This is what we wrote in our Dusty Finish post:

Of course we could be wrong, and Biden could be the new president.

That could mean two things:

– Trump is actually an underdog, it is not kayfabe, and we are completely wrong on the whole thing.

– Our general understanding is correct, but our comprehension of the timeline is flawed. Things are going to take longer than anticipated.

In any case, if we are wrong, we will seriously revisit our assumptions.

Another aspect we got wrong is we never believed the coronacircus would last so long. We thought the central planners would have moved to the next circus by now; we thought people would have rebelled much sooner, that the absurdity of the whole thing would have become apparent quicker and to more people.

In our first psyop post, this is what we wrote:

We believe the virus will go away as quickly as it arrived, and people in the West will then be faced with economic depression and monetary meltdown. It will end-up benefiting China greatly. The ambition is to foment cynicism and revolt in the West; to successfully impose a new order you must first destroy the existing one. Ordo ab chao; it is subversion in the strict sense.

Here we are, one year later, observing the same insanity; the “vaccine” is being rolled out, the CDC is now mandating two face diapers, and the clowning has escalated way, way beyond anything we could ever, ever have possibly fathomed in a million years; we never imagined our name would become so apt. We decide the list is just endless, and then Victoria Abril speaks of the coronacircus at an awards ceremony.

Honestly, we thought serious riots would have erupted in France (and elsewhere) already. We clearly underestimated the hypnotic trance many are subject to.

In other words, two of our main predictions have so far not come to pass. We have therefore been questioning everything – our hypothesis, model, and understanding. Hence the delay to post this time.

After some weeks of introspection, our conclusion is this one: we have failed in terms of timing, but we still think our model is correct. We are missing some pieces of the puzzle, but the big picture is the right one. That is not a matter of belief, that is the only rational conclusion we are able at arriving to.

As always, if any observation or new piece of information comes to light that falsifies this understanding, we will not hesitate to admit it; there is no “identity” we are tied to; we are merely trying to, humbly, make sense of the world.

For now, we are doubling-down.

Donald Trump

Is he the real deal? Is he an actual adversary of the “deep State”?

However we look at it, this proposition does not withstand scrutiny; he is an overt proponent of big government; he is closely (and overtly) tied to late Sheldon Adelson, Chabad, the most extreme and messianic Zionists and what has been called “Kosher Nostra”. This point is controversial and we will address it another day.

More importantly (in our opinion), we see him playing a definite role in the script we have been exposing for the past year: the central planners’ goal to foment cynicism, revolt and destruction in the West. We are witnessing a controlled demolition, part of an occult, ritualistic agenda. The system must first turn to ashes, before the phoenix can emerge.

The way in which his “election” was “stolen” is just too blatant to take the narrative seriously. As if they’ve never rigged an election before, anywhere in the world.

  • The “other side”, after hysterically (and disastrously) screaming for four years the election was stolen from them, now scream even louder that such a theft isn’t even possible. Such a level of hypocrisy is too nauseating to be real.
  • The patently unsuccessful censorship. When Youtube and Twitter add a message, “This content is too dangerous to view”, it is largely counterproductive.
  • The whole number games on election night and days after that. The dramatic reversal, viral videos of ballot tampering, blocking the observers, etc. It was the Superbowl of politics.

Kayfabe: Episode Sack of Rome

The theatrics are everywhere. Either it is a joke on the part of the Universe, or something else is being pulled. We know it’s not the former, because it’s extremely vulgar; it is the work of barbarians.

Let’s take the January 6, 2021 “capitol invasion” cinematic production. The main protagonists were repeatedly referred to as “vandals”. That name comes from the clan that sacked Rome in 455 AD, marking the beginning of the end of the Western Roman empire. The Wall Street journal decided to trace back the etymology of that word, nonchalantly illustrating their piece with the following 19th-century engraving.

Vandals after the sack of Rome 455, after drawing by H. Leutemann, coloured, wood engraving, 19th century. Source.

The WSJ article only mentions the sack of Rome in passing (which the word specifically refers to), and doesn’t mention the photographic similarity with the odd picture they chose.

Of course the Capitol itself is a Roman symbol. The word designates the head, and of the eternal city’s seven hills, it is the one honoring Saturn.

The Vandals’ sack of Rome happened 1566 years ago, which is equivalent to 666 for those who believe in numerology; and central planners generally do (archive). The Vandals arrived in Rome on the 6/1, the ones this year on the 1/6.

January 6 is also the day of epiphany (meaning manifestation or appearance). It celebrates either the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child (Western Christian tradition), or the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River (Eastern). In both cases the meaning is “revelation”, “appearance of deity” (theophany); it symbolizes the birth of Christ as deity.

If a day had to be chosen to mark the “beginning of the end” of the Western block, in 2021 that is called the Christian West, Esau or the USA, the anniversary of its symbolic birth is quite appropriate. That is, for the vulgar people planning these rituals.

Let’s go down this crazy, occult rabbit hole just a bit further, if our reader doesn’t mind. We can entertain an idea without necessarily having to accept it.

The woman who was allegedly killed was called Ashli. Asherah is the mother goddess, who appears in many ancient Semitic sources. She was worshiped as the wife of Yahweh, and under many names. Her consort, the “king of heaven”, Baal or Hadad, is pictured below, next to the “shaman”; they have the horns and the hammer (tattoo) in common.

The “sacrifice of the goddess”, ritual matricide, or “cremation of care”, is a topic of profound occult significance, that Mark Passio has gone over better than we could (archive). In the first 10 minutes of that 2011 talk, he explains how the capitol building itself, the sacred feminine consumed by the owl, reflects that very ritual.

Does the owl have its wings open?

But even if you find these esoteric themes unconvincing, what about the photo operation of this “protestor” sitting at Pelosi’s desk? Was Saul Loeb of the AFP/Getty, who admittedly took the picture, invited in? Doesn’t this look like reality TV?


We didn’t think it was necessary to address it in the context of our previous posts, but it is more relevant now. First, let’s establish a few things.

A lot of what is being written in these messages attributed to “Q” is true. The child sex trafficking and ritual sacrifices; the hidden hand of an occult cabal pulling the strings; its secret plot for (greater) world domination.

We must also admit the person(s) writing under that name may indeed enjoy some level of support and/or inside information from the Trump entourage. In our opinion, it is unlikely to be merely a LARP.

Unfortunately, and as we previously established, we don’t believe Trump is part of a team of “white hats” looking to bring down the cabal. Not the actual cabal at least.

Poster of the 1982 film Q, produced and directed by Larry Cohen (source). In the movie, Q stands for Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent.

We rather think Q is part of the same elaborate psyop we’ve been describing for a year. This is what we wrote in our Revelation of the Method post:

Each side of the fake left/right dialectic is being fed different identities, and is being driven to cynicism and pessimism in different ways. Both sides agree the “current system must go”. It’s the fault either of the “white supremacist colonialist patriarchy” (socialism is the answer), or the “globalists, the UN, China and George Soros” (nationalism is the answer).

We added that each side holds half the truth (and the truth is everyone has a common adversary: government). The point is Q cements the second proposition, that of the “alt-right”, the anti-thesis. It prepares the audience for a synthesis that is yet to come.

There would be today significant support in the USA for a radical change in government, possibly a military takeover. Parts of the military would accept this; a majority of those who would have traditionally opposed (right-wing militia) would probably cheer. It would just have to be couched in the right words and contrived crisis.

Q is in large part responsible, as he’s been seeding that very notion. So has Steve Pieczenik, a 77-year old Jewish psychiatrist and former CFR member, and one of America’s foremost experts in psychological warfare.

Q is the cube. It’s a trap.


There doesn’t need to be a shooting civil war in the USA: it is already in the people’s minds. The reconciliation is the synthesis; but first, there must be a new crisis.

The next circus could be a war in the Middle East. A war with Iran has been promised for a long time (archive); we also know it’s in the barbarians’ eschatological script. The crisis could also be a monetary, economic, and social one (we’ll touch on that more below).

Ultimately, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a “unity coalition” emerge to “save America” conflating elements of the alt-right (Trump & Co) with the alt-left (AOC & Co).

The truth is, we don’t know how or when the synthesis will play out. That is the piece of the puzzle we are currently missing.

Vaccine Provocation

In our Revelation of the Method post, we tried to answer the following question:

The central planners are telling us exactly what they’re doing, they’re flaunting their crimes and impunity, and they are making their script increasingly preposterous.

What reason could explain such a loose script?

Nowhere is this question more relevant right now than regarding the coronacircus “vaccine”. The propagandists are giving us every possible reason to refuse it, and are telling us exactly how many are indeed refusing it.

Above all, Elon Musk – big government tool and mainstream darling par excellence – is speaking against it (archive).

Monetary Catastrophe

In this post last fall, we described why a monetary catastrophe was on the horizon. We thought Donald Trump would preside over it, and we were likely wrong about that. The crisis itself however is baked in the cake.

Below is a graph of the US dollars M1 money supply from Jan 6, 1975 to Feb 1, 2021, published by the Federal Reserve. M1 is the measure of all currency that is accessible for spending: cash, demand deposits, checkable deposits, and traveler’s checks.

This graph goes through the last third of the cold war, a debilitating depression in the 80s, the Greenspan “great moderation” (read: credit expansion) years, 9/11 and the accommodation that ensued, and the 2008 quasi-meltdown. These inflection points could be seen until recently. Something happened in 2020 though (click to enlarge).

Needless to say, this isn’t good. For the time being, that money isn’t being spent (archive). But all that new money is debt, and it has entered its parabolic phase. There are only two ways out of such unsustainable growth of debt: hyperdeflation, or hyperinflation. In either case, well-advised people are converting their savings into physical precious metals, if they haven’t already.

More Kayfabe

How to explain the strange case of “Lady Gaga” who names her song Edge of Glory – a perfect anagram of George Floyd – and releases it by performing it for the first time on American Idol exactly 9 years to the day before the homonymous “killing”?

Are we to believe a 22-year old terrorist, blew himself up in Manchester on May 22nd at 22:33 at -2.2 longitude, killing 22 other people? The months and year (5+17) add to 22, and the number of hospitalized (112) adds to 2×2. His brother then gets convinced on 22 counts of murder.

What about Boris Johnson, who announces on 02/22 his “roadmap out of the covid” (archive) exactly 11 months and 11 days after the 11th of March 2020, the day the WHO declared it a pandemic? And he announces the date of the summer solstice?


If only these (and the few others we covered in our Kayfabe post), were isolated cases! It has actually become rare not to find such blatant symbolism and numerology in the events that captivate a large audience. The preferred numbers are obvious enough by now: 911, 322, and small multiples of 11.

The classical refutation, otherwise known as the “you will find any arbitrary number in the proportions of a kitchen stool if you look close enough” defense, did not age well since it was invented. Nowadays, it convinces only at first glance.

Maybe the first person to receive the “vaccine” in the UK on 12/08/2020 is indeed called William Shakespeare. Or maybe, All the world’s a stage.

Who is playing these games? The Universe? Or some lesser beings?

An honest investigator of the truth must look at these patterns. They could be coincidence, chaos magic, synchronicity, or something much more vulgar than all that. We opt mostly for the latter proposition.

It’s impossible to list the occurrences thoroughly, or to reverse engineer the algorithm perfectly. We won’t try. It’s enough to know the phenomenon is there, to understand its outline, and to observe it without fear.


The “bigger picture”, the esoteric and kayfabe picture, gives clarity to the rest. It reduces the noise. We find it indispensable to try and make sense of the show.

In good faith, we try to propose a general model of understanding, and make predictions to test the model in the future. As we stand today, the model hasn’t been falsified, but is missing an important piece; we don’t know yet what the crowning will look like.

We will have to wait and see what emerges out of the coronacircus.