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COVID-19 In Context: Subversion, Psychological Warfare, and New World Order

Our understanding of this ongoing coronavirus situation is quite different from what we were able to find, either in the mainstream or alternative press. We have therefore decided to share it.

In a nutshell, we see this crisis as the greatest offensive in psychological warfare since 9/11; the objective is mainly that of subversion, i.e. of undermining the people’s trust in their institutions. The end goal is to foment revolt, and to destroy the prevailing order. The ambition is to usher in a “new world order”, that is not the caricature described by the likes of Alex Jones (one government, one religion, one money), but a “multipolar” order led by China. This involves the controlled demolition of the USA, and the imposition of a new collectivist and technocratic paradigm, similar to what the successors of Mao have been doing in the Middle Kingdom.

The bottom line is we believe the virus will go away as quickly as it arrived, and people in the West will then be faced with economic depression and monetary meltdown. It will end-up benefiting China greatly. The ambition is to foment cynicism and revolt in the West; to successfully impose a new order you must first destroy the existing one. Ordo ab chao; it is subversion in the strict sense.

At the end of the post we will try to make predictions, as that is how theories are validated a posteriori.

The basic assumption we make is that the USA (and indeed most of the world) is governed by an occult and relatively monolithic set of interests that own most of the press, cinematic productions, corporations, regimes, and that have been steering (and falsifying) political events in the 20th and 21st century at least. If you don’t share this understanding, it is useless to read on, as the piece will admittedly seem completely crazy.

Background on Subversion

A lot has already been written on the topic, so we won’t be defining subversion, or retracing its history. For those interested, we can recommend this excellent book (update: here is a full copy).

Instead, we ask to please consider the following questions:

  • Why didn’t US military intelligence plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq during the 2003 war? It would have been utterly simple. Organize a photo-op after the “discovery”, make a “Hollywood” movie about it, and the neocons would have been vindicated. If you can lie about something as grotesque as 9/11, or sustain blatant historical exaggerations accross generations, surely you can do this.
  • Why did the propaganda movie following the Iraq war, starring Matt Damon, expound the corruption and faulty intelligence? Why were the central propaganda outlets allowed to spread the notion the war was waged under false pretenses (for the oil, for imperial purposes, to reshape the Middle East, etc.)?
  • Why was the “official” conspiracy theory on 9/11, that of bearded acrobatic pilots who transubstantiate 3 steel skyscrapers with 2 aluminum planes (after throwing their passports from cockpit windows) so grotesque? And why did Fahrenheit 9/11 win an Oscar?
  • Why was House of Cards, a popular show about ubiquitous corruption in Washington DC, so widely promoted by the establishment?
  • What about TARP? Why weren’t the 800 billion simply (and discretely) monetized through the Fed? They did monetize trillions more. Why were the propaganda movies and documentaries that followed the crisis expound the “corrupt regulators”, “evil wallstreeters”, etc.?
  • Why did Jeffrey Epstein travel back to the US, when it was clear the Feds were “onto him”? Why was his “suicide” so grotesque? Why was the conspiracy theory “Epstein didn’t kill himself” so widely circulated in the mainstream (Fox News, Golden Globes, etc.)?

There are many many more examples. These are not glitches. Here is the answer you are looking for: there is, and has been for a while, a deliberate effort to foment distrust and revolt in the West. The idea is to destroy any semblance of public trust in existing institutions, in the prevailing order. For if you wish to usher in a new order, you must first destroy the existing one. In other words, many conspiracy theories, however true, are part of the conspiracy.

You are supposed to be questioning 9/11; you are supposed to be outraged at the 2008 bank bail-out; you are supposed to think Epstein was murdered or escaped. Those who aren’t, a minority, are called useful idiots, are given a loudspeaker, and are used to alienate the silent majority.

Central planners and “revolution makers” have, after all, been practicing for a long time. Indeed we don’t think the Arab Springs, the Iranian Green Revolution, the Orange Revolution, or the Maidan Revolution were organic or endogenous at all. We don’t even think the revolutions across South America during the Cold War, or May 68, or even the Bolshevik revolution were any more spontaneous than the Reichstag fire. Indeed most of the revolutions and episodes of unrest in the world in the 20th and 21st century were orchestrated; in hindsight one might see this, but it would have admittedly been difficult to notice if one were caught up in the events. Similarly, it is difficult to understand what is going on right now, and the type of subversion we are currently being subject to.

Here is another provocative, congruent idea: the whole “cultural revolution” whereby men who amputate their testicles de facto become women is not meant to convince a significant number of people. Please look at this short clip and tell us it’s not a provocation, agitation propaganda. People who buy into it are mostly a side effect (and victims of body dysmorphia are used as tools). This kind of agitation is meant to demoralize and conquer. It is meant to foment distrust and revolt. Interestingly, the exact same kind of agitation propaganda was used in Weimar Germany. And surely, our readers know who put the Nazis in power; if not, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (full book PDF by Anthony Sutton, archive) and 51 Documents (full book PDF, by Lenni Brenner, archive) will set you in the right direction.

Subversion And Donald Trump

It is hopefully clear in 2020 that Donald Trump is not “against the deep State” and that he is not “draining the swamp”. Actually, he did drain the swamp: into his cabinet.

Yet this realization comes with huge implications, for anyone who remembers the 2016 campaign. If Donald Trump’s reign was indeed preordained, it means his campaign amounted to an impressive psychological operation. To convince you of this, here is one exhibit.

On the holiday week-end of July 4th 2016, central propaganda outlets accused Donald Trump of being antisemitic. In and of itself that is, of course, absurd; Mr. Trump is Chabad in all but in name. But more interestingly, the proof that was offered was this poster and the six-pointed star it featured. In effect, that poster was plastered all over the telescreens, magazines, newspapers, etc. The face of Clinton with the text “most corrupt candidate ever” was everywhere. The average American must have seen it 20-30 times at least on that week-end, as the poster was changed to feature a circle instead of a six-pointed star, and it was once again plastered all over.

Of course this image was presented under the guise of criticizing it, but that’s exactly the point: it was shown ad nauseam, and its message was imprinted in the collective mind. That’s all that matters. The claim that Donald Trump is antisemitic was quickly forgotten (and never repeated) anyway.

On the exact same holiday week-end, Comey (head of the FBI) came on TV and gave his famous speech about Clinton, which boils down to “she’s guilty but we won’t be pursuing her because she’s above the law”. Watch the speech again if you don’t remember. The rest of the campaign served as confirmation for the events that took place during that holiday.

Do you see where we’re going with this? These people know what they’re doing. They have control groups. They understand demographics and identity biases. They know the emotional impacts of every message they put out. They’ve been practicing all over the world for more than a hundred years. Subliminal programming is the rule, not the exception.

They put Trump in power by promoting his ideas under the guise of criticizing them. Clinton was the scarecrow, the manufactured villain. Every superhero needs a supervillain; and a villain she is indeed.

Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert, hypnotist and Trump supporter) did an excellent job throughout the campaign at explaining the persuasion and manipulation techniques leveraged by Donald Trump. He called him a master wizard, and coined the expression “3D chess” when applied to his candidate; Adams simply missed the fact this was more than the work of Trump alone. And of course, let’s not forget Steve Piecenik video(s) about a “coup” being “supported by intelligence services” (supposedly the good guys); let’s also make sure we realize who this guy is (namely, one of the US’ foremost experts in psychological warfare).

So, the Donald Trump campaign was an unprecedented psychological operation.

The same strategy continued after the election: the preposterous “Russia collusion” story, as the absurd impeachment narrative, were not meant to be believed by most. They were meant to distract his base from his appointments and decisions, to sustain cognitive and identity biases (and the illusion he is somehow “against the deep State”), and ultimately to favor his popularity. In the same way as the “golden shower” theater, or the “grab them by the pussy” story turned out to be counterproductive to his detractors, so did these “affairs” that followed the election.

What we are saying is all that was done on purpose.

The New World Order

At this point, you may ask: but why? Who has anything to gain from any of this? Why would central planners wish to destroy the people’s trust in Western institutions? Why would they go through all this trouble to put a puppet like Trump in power? Aren’t there more straightforward methods? And more importantly, what does any of this have to do with the coronavirus?

On that last question: we are getting there. But first, a few remarks about the new world order.

British writer and futurist H. G. Wells, in the 1940s, appropriated and redefined that expression as a synonym for the establishment of a technocratic world state and of a planned economy. It was re-popularized by George H. W. Bush, 11 years to the day before 9/11/01, during his address before a joint session of Congress; he described it as “a world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders.”

In subsequent years, that vision was made more explicit. Henry Kissinger stated on April 19 1994, at the World Affairs Council Press Conference (Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel): “Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions”. Tony Blair, on January 7, 2003, stated that “the call was for a new world order; but a new order presumes a new consensus. It presumes a shared agenda and a global partnership to do it”.

Gordon Brown then called for a “new world order” in a 2008 speech in New Delhi to reflect the rise of Asia and growing concerns over global warming and finance. Brown said the new world order should incorporate a better representation of “the biggest shift in the balance of economic power in the world in two centuries” (i.e. the rise of China). That last understanding has been the prevailing one since that time; the rapid rise of China (and the BRICs in general) call for a new “multilateral” world order, one in which the USA gives up its status as the sole superpower, and by extension a world in which the US dollar ceases to be a global reserve currency.

On the surface, a multipolar world order, one which isn’t dominated by American interests, seems like a good idea. Yet, and however much one might justly abhor US imperialism, one must recognize the USA is the only country of any significant size ever founded on the idea of an individual’s natural and inalienable right to life and liberty. That is a truly exceptional notion, one directly inherited from the Enlightenment. Yes, the USA made two unforgivable historical mistakes. True, the USA drifted very far from its founding ideals. But still, it is a beautiful realization, one that is also inherent to the first part of the first article of the 1789 declaration of human rights: “Men are born and remain free and equal in rights“.

We contend that the new world order, first and foremost, is about destroying that idea. The new world order is intrinsically collectivistic. Collectivism abhors, recoils at the notion that individuals have a natural and inalienable right to life. It stands for the exact opposite: the herd is supreme, the “greater good” rules, and as such, the individual is nothing; he should bow to the supreme collective. The only rights men have is that which is granted by the State. That is collectivism, whether seen through its Communist or Fascist lens. That is all that China, and much of the world, has ever known.

To successfully usher in such a new order, the USA must be humiliated and destroyed. The values it stands for (or rather, nowadays, purports to stand for) must be ridiculed. It must suffer in the 21st century the same fate as Russia and Germany did in the 20th. It was already pillaged, drained of all its wealth, and it stands ready to be discarded like an old cloth. The coronavirus is a central piece of that controlled demolition, and Donald Trump has a critical role to play in that plan.

The Coronavirus Subversion

Alain Soral (a highly “controversial”, yet very popular French intellectual) does an excellent job at explaining how the coronavirus crisis (more particularly, its handling by the State) will end-up provoking rebellion and revolt in France. He convincingly explains how the Yellow Vest movement, which was until now mostly composed of the sous-prolétariat, will this year be joined by the middle class. The only thing missing from his analysis is, of course, the realization that this is done on purpose, i.e. that it is indeed part of the script.

In the spirit of the provocations, agitation propaganda and subversion we highlighted earlier, here are a few examples, particular to this coronavirus situation:

  • A narrative is being built whereby governments and their propaganda outlets seem more concerned with “avoiding racism” than “fighting the virus”. This has been a very popular talking point in the alternative press; and indeed, the central propaganda outlets have come out with many such provocative stories. This one by Forbes called “Stop Using The Coronavirus As An Excuse To Be Racist” is a first example. There are many, many, many, MANY more. In general this builds into the preposterous, hypocritical, and deliberately provocative trend of leveling the “racist” card at anything and anyone. This trend, of course, is meant to be counterproductive, and to fuel actual racism (in addition to cynicism and revolt).
  • In parallel to this, officials are displaying a blatant unwillingness to enforce repressive quarantine measures against migrants. Eric Zemmour, the French agent provocateur par excellence, is of course delighted to insist on that point on subsidized French television. French Secretary of State to the Ministry of the Interior Laurent Nunez advises, in a letter “leaked” to the Canard Enchainé, that “it is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods and to stop gatherings”. Similarly, Germany decided to close borders to Europeans, but to still allow migrants flowing in. All these stories were highly publicized in their respective countries; and there are many more such examples on how “political correctness” helped the spread of COVID.
  • A manufactured controversy was devised around chloroquine (and its close analog hydroxychloroquine), a proven remedy against coronaviruses, which the French classified as a venomous substance before the outbreak, which Trump promoted (and was attacked for), and which several US governors outright banned.
  • COVID morbidity was transparently exaggerated, the fear/hysteria porn was spun out of proportion by an utterly monolithic media, and the WHO, led by a man who is known to have covered-up deadly pandemics in Ethiopia, purposefully and repeatedly demonstrated its incompetence.

And then of course, conspiracy theories are being deliberately planted and fueled:

  • The alleged Chinese “whistleblower doctor” who supposedly “died of the coronavirus”, and whose story, of course, we are supposed to believe comes out of the most censored country in the world (but don’t worry though, censors are “trying to erase the story“).
  • As highlighted in a previous post, the Event 201 “coincidence”, and the unexplained mystery as to why this would be publicized at all.
  • Tom Hanks and his mysterious Corona typewriter which he supposedly brought with him to Australia (and into quarantine), his not-so-subtle reference to Event 201, and the provocative role played by his son.
  • World Bank pandemic bonds, their publicity and the agitation by the mainstream press.
  • The planted theory that the coronavirus came out of a virology lab in Wuhan that is right next door to the Wuhan market; as if they wouldn’t have made up another “place of origin” if it really did come from that lab.
  • The disproportionate amount of celebrities “infected with the coronavirus”, and Charles who mysteriously came out of isolation after only 7 days.
  • Etc.

That’s enough. We believe we have given sufficient examples. We are not even mentioning covers such as these; the provocations are too numerous to exhaustively list. Once you understand subversion and agitation propaganda, and the planners’ goal to utterly destroy trust in the prevailing institutions, suddenly all the “news” becomes more coherent, and contradictions in the narrative suddenly disappear.

Prediction Time

This is where our theory will truly be put to the test. If most of what we have written is true, if our interpretation is correct, then what prediction can we make?

As of this writing, 31st of March 2020, the crisis is just starting in the USA. So our first set of predictions concern that country, for the short and medium term.

  • The crisis will badly hit the USA, but not homogeneously. The “worst affected places” will be cosmopolitan cities, and places with the most illegal immigrants (San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, etc.). Places where chloroquine was limited/banned will also be hit hard (mostly Nevada). That is where the repression will also be felt the hardest. Rural, red States won’t enact as drastic measures, and will “weather the outbreak” relatively easily.
  • This will allow for a seemingly contradictory objective to be achieved: on one hand the USA will be perceived as a borderline third-world nation (similar to what happened during the Katrina response). On the other hand Trump will be able to deflect blame on “democrats”, and his popularity will rise.
  • The stock market will stabilize, and the incoming depression will be papered over just long enough for President Trump to win his reelection.

Here is a huge, symbolic sign we are waiting for: some US personalities/politicians will publicly say “the Federal government has let us down”, and will “ask China for help”. We are expecting sinophilic speeches similar to the one the Serbian president gave on March 15th 2020. China will be seen as “all too happy” to act in a way that will be compared to the Marshall plan.

Here is what we believe will happen in Europe, after the crisis passes near the late spring / early summer:

  • In Italy, the narrative will build that it was hit the worst because of its large Chinese population (it’s the largest in Milan), that had just come back from visiting China for its new year’s vacation.
  • Italy will also blame its medical institution for taking so much time before administering chloroquine (unlike the Swiss who did it near the very onset of the crisis, except for Ticino).
  • Not closing borders soon enough will be seen as a major cause of the crisis, euro-skepticism will progress, xenophobia will rise and the National-Zionist parties (as Alain Soral calls them) such as that of Marine Le Pen in France will grow in popularity; she will most likely be the next French president.
  • In France, Macron’s promise of a revolution will be fulfilled. The Yellow Vests, after the mass-quarantine is lifted, will see their movement greatly amplified. We are predicting a “summer of rage” in France.

In the medium term, this is what we believe will happen globally:

  • China will be touted as “having handled the crisis properly” because it carried out “systematic testing”. “Selfish covidiots” and hoarders will be decried. A narrative will be built whereby “people need to band together” and to “be ready to make sacrifices” in order to properly handle similar crises in the future.
  • Conspiracy theories, especially the ones we have highlighted in this post, will greatly increase in popularity. That expression will lose most of its stigma. Skepticism towards the media, “experts” and institutions will achieve new heights.
  • Unemployment will rise, small and medium enterprises and the middle class will be decimated, morbid debt monetization will continue unabated, and the popular uprisings that had already started in many flashpoints around the world will resume and will get worse.
  • Inflation will pick up, and “economists” will start using the word “stagflation” again.
  • Talks of “Modern Monetary Theory” and “Basic Income” will become mainstream. Political parties/candidates that are depicted as “extreme” and opposites will grow to the detriment of legacy parties and candidates; people/parties like Sanders or Trump in the US, Mélenchon or Le Pen in France, Die Linke or AfD in Germany, etc. In other words pseudo-opposites of the same fake dialectic.
  • The price of gold will rise dramatically as there will be some sort of crisis at the CME and/or LBMA (force majeure whereby settlements happen in cash only). The Shanghai gold exchange will become the principal trading hub of physical bullion.

In the slightly longer term, here is what we are expecting:

  • World powers will at some point convene for a macroeconomic and monetary conference, that will be compared to the Plaza Accord but which in reality will be more akin to the Bretton Woods Conference (where China plays the role formerly held by the USA). We guess Trump will initiate that meeting, and will organize the summit at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.
  • Following that agreement, Trump will be touting the “great deal” he negotiated whereby the US dollar is allowed to be considerably devalued versus the Yuan Renminbi.
  • At that point, or shortly thereafter, China will announce its actual gold holdings (probably somewhere around or above 10’000 metric tons), and will de facto re-monetize the precious metal.
  • The USA will enter a period of very high inflation, and economic depression. The union might not survive. Much of Trump’s base will cling to the idea “he did everything he could”, much like Obama’s base to this day refuses to admit its hero is actually among the worst war mongers in US history.
  • China will try to play in the 21st century a role similar to what the US played in the 20th. Ultimately, this will fail too, humanity will wake-up to all the lies and deception, and most of the world will enter an age of decentralization and individual liberty. Historians will eventually say the attempt to partially “wake-up” humanity and use that newfound awareness against it backfired in the face of the barbarians.

In Conclusion

Of course we are not expecting all of our predictions to pan out, or our timing to be always on the money. There is a lot of uncertainty left; we are probably missing several important pieces of the puzzle. We don’t even think the central planners are able to anticipate developments with perfect precision, however many resources or computer models they rely on.

And yet, a question remains: what should anyone of us do about all this? Can we prevent any portion of it? How do we protect ourselves, and our family? Without professing anything, we will try to answer these questions in future posts.

UPDATE: here is part 2 of this post.

UPDATE: because Youtube has a tendency to remove videos, we have tried to archive the videos and other links in this post. Please help us by archiving whatever we might have forgotten and that you deem important.