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Dusty Finish

That expression “dusty finish” comes from the world of pro wrestling. Last June, in a post called Welcome to Kayfabe, we argued the “news” (and much of 20th-century history) is akin to WWE, i.e. a scripted form of entertainment.

For months we’ve been predicting a Trump victory in the tournament called US presidential elections. We’ve been putting forth evidence that the bashing/attacks he is subject to by the MSM and the “deep state” are meant as reverse psychology (for a silent majority of people at least).

When the controversy surrounding Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the supreme court arose a few weeks ago, we figured the show runners might go for a dusty finish. The mail-in ballot narrative also seemed to confirm it. As the American MSM has just declared Joe Biden the winner, we now definitely think it’s the case.

Trump The Heel

In our Welcome to Kayfabe post, we introduced two other WWE terms: heels, and faces. To simplify, the faces are the good guys, while the heels play the archetype of the villain. Producers know older male fans tend to cheer for heels and boo faces, while children and female fans tend to stay on the cheer-for-faces-boo-for-heels sentiment.

Here’s an interesting paragraph on the Wikipedia article about faces:

Fans sometimes dislike face wrestlers despite the way they are promoted. Some reasons for this include repetitive in-ring antics, a limited moveset, a lengthy title reign, lack of selling their opponents’ moves, or an uninteresting character. This often results in wrestlers who are supposed to be cheered receiving a negative or no reaction from the fans.

This is from the entry on heels:

On other occasions, wrestlers who are positioned as faces receive a negative audience reaction despite their portrayal as heroes. An example is Roman Reigns, who in 2018 was a top face in WWE, but got booed in his matches while his opponents got cheered regardless of their status as face or heel, due to perceived favoritism from WWE executives and a lack of character development. […]

The term “heel” does not, in itself, describe a typical set of attributes or audience reaction, but simply a wrestler’s presentation and booking as an antagonist.

Other heels may act overpowering to their opponents as to play up the scrappy underdog success story for the face instead. Brock Lesnar has played heel in both capacities, but has become quite famous (either as a heel or a face) as an almost-unstoppable machine who can take down anything in his path.

We think Biden is the face, and Trump the “underdog” heel.

The producers say Biden is the “good guy”, while presenting an inept, senile, corrupt, perverted old man, who’s been in politics for 4 decades. That old man is always wearing a huge disgusting face diaper; and he says he wants to impose them in every corner of the land.

That is a recipe for failure. Biden is being setup to fail, in our opinion.

Trump Wins

Here is the definition of dusty finish, according to Wikipedia:

A [dusty finish is a] finish in which the face appears to win a big match, but the decision is later reversed due to some sort of technicality, such as interference by other heels to save the heel champion, as, in most federations, the title could not change hands on such a disqualification. It can also refer to an ambiguous finish to a match where neither wrestler can claim to be the winner. The “Dusty” in the term refers to Dusty Rhodes, who booked many such finishes in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and later in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

If that comparison is correct, and we are correct, Trump will eventually be proclaimed the winner. It would even seem like they have a supreme court showdown primed for us; we don’t know how it will play out, but we know the “other side” will have to consider the decision illegitimate.

The reason we believe Trump has to stay “president” has to do with our understanding of the script. It mostly relates to the China narrative. Some kind of conflagration is being prepared between the USA and the “BRIC” (i.e. China), that has started but will culminate with a global economic and monetary meltdown.

  • Trump must continue to prosecute the ongoing “trade war” with China;
  • His side of the dialectic, whereby China is blamed for the coronacircus, must prevail;
  • The “clash of civilizations” against Islam and/or “minorities” must continue.

The point is that Trump seems like the perfect actor to oversee an event we know is coming: the shift to a “multi-polar” world through the accelerated loss of the dollar’s global reserve status.

We don’t even think that phenomenon is limited to the USA. Macron is the French Hillary Clinton; the French Trump is coming next.

A 4-Year Old Script

The same underdog heel script has been playing out for 4 years.

  • First, the absurd “Mueller investigation” concerning the “Russia-collusion” conspiracy theory; not asking what all these Russian oligarchs have in common, but rather fake-bashing Trump with meant-to-fail narratives.
  • Second, the ridiculous “impeachment proceedings”. A complete and unmitigated fiasco. The headlines reading “acquitted” in capital letters are eloquent enough.

In both stories, the script is the same: the MSM proclaims “Donald Trump is done”, and then fails miserably. That is, weeks and months of proclamations, points and counterpoints, before the whole thing collapses on itself. This fits very well with his contrived TV persona of an “unstoppable machine”, which is half as old as himself.

There is a recipe for another such story today. Given how close the results are said to be, the whole “mail-in” novelty, the numerous “glitches” that have already been reported, and the promised supreme court showdown, we think that’s the script being played out.

Caveat and Conclusion

Of course we could be wrong, and Biden could be the new president.

That could mean two things:

  • Trump is actually an underdog, it is not kayfabe, and we are completely wrong on the whole thing.
  • Our general understanding is correct, but our comprehension of the timeline is flawed. Things are going to take longer than anticipated.

In any case, if we are wrong, we will seriously revisit our assumptions.

However if we are right, we can also expect a severe dollar crisis in the next 4 years.