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Season of Sacrifice

We haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been actively working on our project of separation and secession: when a society is sick to the point of ostracizing the productive and moral few, these Atlases shrug and found their own. That’s what we’ve been doing for years; indeed the tyranny and the clown world did not start in 2020; but things have lately been moving much faster.

Another reason is we’ve been waiting for the narrative to evolve, and to see if our predictions were panning out. The point of this website is to humbly and concisely share our understanding; so if there’s nothing to add, we don’t add anything.

About our impressions, and our predictions, this is in a nutshell what we’ve been writing:

  • The coronacircus psyop is more sophisticated than meets the eye. The Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Fauci, CNN narrative is the thesis. The Fox News, Sky News Australia, “China did it” narrative is the anti-thesis. The synthesis has yet to become fully apparent.
  • The coronacircus thesis is ultimately not supposed to be believed by most. In the end, people who still do are a side effect. It is a provocation; it is subversion; it is agitation propaganda; it is ultimately meant to cause outrage, unrest, and revolt. Ordo ab chao, solve et coagula.
  • More than a provocation, the coronacircus is an initiation ritual. A crowning ceremony; a rite of passage. The initiate, humanity, is being introduced into a new age; such rites always involve isolation (we got lockdowns), humiliation (we got masks), and evolution (we will get a manufactured awakening: stay tuned).
  • The silver lining is a set of barbaric, medieval eschatological superstitions. The central planners have been working to bring about “the end of this age”, to “fulfill prophecy”. In order to see it, one needs to be familiar with the rituals, words, numbers and symbols they prefer; and even if one does, it is impossible to completely reverse engineer their superstitions; it is also useless to try; it’s enough to be aware of the phenomenon, and to look at it from a healthy distance.

In this context, we’ve introduced our readers to the revelation of the method concept, and the notion of accelerationism. We predicted the ineffectiveness of the injections would be revealed, as would their dangerosity. We argued this would not be a glitch, nor a manifestation of journalistic integrity; we insisted it would be part of the plan. This is what we wrote in our last post in May 2021:

In that sense, it is very likely the “vaccines” will have debilitating side effects; not because the central planners need such a “jab” to poison people (they already have the flu shots, vaccine schedule, they are already poisoning our food, air and water, etc.); rather because such side effects would become widely known and avowed, and the “system” would be blamed for it. If these injections happen to injure, sterilize or kill millions of people, that would merely be a “bonus”, or the means to a more subversive and subtle end.

The coronacircus provocation, as highlighted, is the culmination of a subversive agenda started decades ago and meant to destroy the Western world. Because it is the culmination and the final chapter of that controlled demolition, it has very strong occult undertones, is considered by the barbarians as a “crowning”, and is meant to facilitate the emergence of a new age; it may thus even involve “aliens” as its final act.

For sure, things have not happened as fast as we believed they would. We overestimated the masses’ ability to “wake up” when faced with nonsense and absurdity. This is what we wrote at the very beginning of the manufactured crisis, in March 2020:

In a nutshell, we see this crisis as the greatest offensive in psychological warfare since 9/11; the objective is mainly that of subversion, i.e. of undermining the people’s trust in their institutions. The end goal is to foment revolt, and to destroy the prevailing order. The ambition is to usher in a “new world order”, that is not the caricature described by the likes of Alex Jones (one government, one religion, one money), but a “multipolar” order led by China. This involves the controlled demolition of the USA, and the imposition of a new collectivist and technocratic paradigm, similar to what the successors of Mao have been doing in the Middle Kingdom.

The bottom line is we believe the virus will go away as quickly as it arrived, and people in the West will then be faced with economic depression and monetary meltdown. It will end-up benefiting China greatly. The ambition is to foment cynicism and revolt in the West; to successfully impose a new order you must first destroy the existing one. Ordo ab chao; it is subversion in the strict sense.

Admittedly, the “virus” did not “go away as quickly as it arrived”. The timing was completely wrong; the ritual demolition is taking longer than we could possibly have fathomed. Still, let’s examine in retrospect the idea we are dealing with a controlled demolition.

Rug Pull

The “rug pull theory” is how people who have now understood this have lately been calling it (examples one, two three, four, five, six, seven, archives 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

We appreciate the word getting out, because it means many won’t be fooled by the upcoming, manufactured unveiling (that last word is the literal etymological meaning of apocalypse). Others will be able to look back and understand such an unveiling was predicted.

Those who will choose to look back even further will notice the central planners themselves have announced it.

Below is a short video excerpt from the epilogue of Event 201, in which they predicted (in November 2019) that an upcoming coronavirus pandemic would cause “political upheaval [to become] the rule across the globe”, and that the public would “lose trust in their respective administrations”, leading to “several governments falling”, while others “were desperately striving to hold onto power”.

They add: “attempts to control media messaging, originally aimed only at health-related misinformation, became used increasingly to quash political dissent”, before predicting economic turmoil that could last a decade.

In conclusion they say “the loss of faith in government, the distrust of news, and the breakdown of social cohesion could last even longer [than a decade]”.

Archive 1, 2 (starts at 34:56)

By the way, the very fact they would hold such a public “preparedness exercise”, right before the actual pseudo-pandemic, that happens to so eerily mimic what happened, and that they would leave all this content online, is – in and of itself – part of the revelation, as we’ve already argued.

Let’s now look at the second infamous and similar “preparedness exercise”, one that took place in 2017 and was organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. It’s called the SPARS Pandemic Scenario (website, archive, full report). Here are a few excerpts from the conclusions published in the report.

As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge. Several parents claimed that their children were experiencing neurological symptoms similar to those seen among livestock exposed to the GMI vaccine. […] A group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corovax vaccination sued the federal government, demanding removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corovax.

SPARS Pandemic report, p. 68

Despite relatively few reports of neurological symptoms, the social media response was immense. After experiencing initial success with PREP Act compensation policies and working diligently to ensure transparency throughout the claim request and evaluation process, HHS was caught off guard by the new round of negative publicity. They were pressured by the public and media to award compensation to those claiming long-term effects from Corovax despite having no data to support these claims.
Displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific research, many demanded proof that the vaccines did not cause long-term effects. HHS Secretary Nagel firmly and vocally supported the decision to postpone evaluation of all claims of long-term side effects and invited an independent Congressional investigation to ensure that the PREP Act was being properly implemented.

SPARS Pandemic report, p. 70

As these cases emerged, patients began filing for compensation under the PREP Act. Due to lingering uncertainties over possible links between vaccination and reported neurological symptoms, their compensation requests were placed on indefinite hold, pending further data analysis. This cohort, many of whom adamantly supported the Corovax vaccine initially, quickly took to social media to publicize their issues.

SPARS Pandemic report, p. 70

As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain. As with many public health interventions, successful efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic created the illusion that the event was not nearly as serious as experts suggested it would be. President Archer’s detractors in the Republican Party seized the opportunity to publicly disparage the President and his administration’s response to the pandemic, urging voters to elect “a strong leader with the best interests of the American people at heart.” A widespread social media movement led primarily by outspoken parents of affected children, coupled with widespread distrust of “big pharma,” supported the narrative that the development of SPARS MCMs was unnecessary and driven by a few profit-seeking individuals.
Conspiracy theories also proliferated across social media, suggesting that the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it had escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons.

SPARS Pandemic report, p. 75

President Archer agreed to address the country’s resolve and recovery in the face of SPARS. Top risk communication advisors from the CDC, FDA, NIH, and SAMHSA conferred as a group about how best to frame the President’s remarks. The group vigorously debated whether it was appropriate for the President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of their communities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice.

SPARS Pandemic report, p. 73 (emphasis ours)

As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from government in order to “spend more time with their families.” Exhausted employees of these agencies, many of whom worked long hours six or seven days a week throughout the pandemic, simply wanted to put the whole response behind them. Little desire remained on the part of decision-makers or those who served in the trenches during the response to rehash the events of the past several years.

SPARS Pandemic report, p. 73 (emphasis ours)

The reason we’ve emphasized the word sacrifice in the excerpts above will soon become apparent.

But first, dear reader, please put yourself in the shoes of someone who’s been going along with the coronacircus for 2 years, who “got jabbed”, has been trusting the “experts”, following the “news”, and obediently wearing a plastic mask.

Then click on the image slider below and scroll through the dozens of headlines we’ve been collecting since our last article.

It’s a pretty random mix of revelation of the method, confusion, “China did it and the government covered it up”, shameful gaslighting, total clown world, and outright provocation.

We would like to give you an impression of the confusion, humiliation, and indeed rage that must have slowly been building. Our only controversial contention is this isn’t a glitch.

Whether people are enraged at the vaccines’ danger, or the government overplaying the pseudovirus risk, or politicians “covering up a leak from China”, or them flaunting their own rules, doesn’t really matter. The point is we are sitting on a powder keg.

The reason we believe the “awakening” (i.e. revolution) hasn’t already happened is because people are still well fed and entertained; the panem et circenses haven’t been denied yet; as the psychological predicament we’re dealing with is akin to domestication, we know domesticated animals will accept humiliations, mistreatment, beatings, up until their master stops feeding them. Even the cutest and tenderest of poodles will become wild again – and eat its owner – when it stops being fed.

It turns out food price inflation is being openly announced, as indeed it is unavoidable given the monetary debauchery that’s been going on. This has been the main catalyst of revolution, and it will be the final catalyst of the next one too.

Season of Sacrifice

The “season of sacrifice” typically extends during the 40 days between March 22nd (3/22) and May Day (also called Walpurgis Night or Beltane); it is planting season, and in pagan sun-worshiping traditions blood sacrifices were made to the sun and the Earth to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Modern occultists have kept this tradition alive and indeed plan many of their false flag and mass-casualties events during this season (archive). The following 2014 Mark Passio presentation provides more information.

Mark Passio’s 2014 presentation on the occult season of sacrifice (archive 1, 2)

Of all the dates, April 19th, the 109th day of the year, seems to be a favorite. On that day we got the killing spree in Nova Scotia, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect’s execution, the Air Philippines Flight 541 crash, the migrant shipwreck with the highest death toll in the history of the Mediterranean, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco massacre, the USS Iowa explosion, the last major battle of the Vietnam war, Charles Mason’s death sentence, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the beginning of the American revolutionary war, and even the 16th-century Lisbon massacre.

The Columbine high school massacre, the Virginia tech shooting, the Notre Dame fire, the largest oil spill in history, the Hillsborough disaster, the Boko Haram kidnappings, the Sinking of MV Sewol, the Sri Lanka Easter bombings, the sinking of Titanic, and the death of Abraham Lincoln, also happened in April, to cite only few examples.

The pattern is so significant that the Southern Poverty Law Center, via the Washington Post, believes we should know about it.

“It’s a question we talk about all the time,” said Heidi Beirich, a domestic terrorism expert at the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of two groups that have issued April-related violence alerts. “It’s a really strange phenomenon. We sometimes refer to April as the beginning of the killing season.”

Source, archive

Interestingly enough, the WHO’s World Immunization Week also happens each year during the last week of April. In 2020, that’s also when so many elderly people were sacrificed in nursing homes.

We can also note that May Day 2020 is both when the head of the Institute of Virology in Wuhan rejected allegations that the “virus” could have originated in his laboratory (source, archive), and when the WHO said it was of natural origin (source, archive).

Furthermore, on the week-end of April 18-19 2020 is when the nauseating event (ritual) One World: Together at Home (organized by Global Citizen and hosted by Lady Gaga) was broadcast.

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Global Citizen” organization, here they are in December 2019, under the watchful all-seeing eye, announcing that “change will come”.

Global Citizen announcing in Dec 2019 that “change will come” (archive 1, 2)

But where are we going on with all this?

The answer is we believe these clues are meant to signify that the season of sacrifice this year is when it will officially be admitted that either the big bad virus “came from China”, or that the injections are indeed poisonous. Actually, we think both revelations may happen during that period.

In traditional satanic fashion, The Atlantic’s Kurt Andersen (author of Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America) is alleging that the anti-vaccine movement is “bringing human sacrifice to America” (source, archive).

Not only do we believe this revelation will happen during the season of sacrifice, we also think politicians will be thanking people for their sacrifice, as the SPARS exercise stated would happen. They will also probably say the injections were fortunately always voluntary, thus implying the sacrificial victims participated voluntarily (which they believe grants more power to the ritual). One way or another, we expect the word sacrifice to be prominently introduced (this paper from 2/22 last year is an anecdotal but interesting omen).

More Revelation of the Method

We probably won’t be collecting more of the clownish and contradictory MSM headlines, as we believe the world is now finally moving into the next phase of the crowning ceremony – and that’s what we’ll be discussing in the future. We want people to be cognizant of the false “great awakening” once it happens – or at least to look back and understand what happened.

Still, before we stop, here are a few more examples. Again, the questions we are implicitly asking each time are:

1) Who is telling me this?
2) Why are they telling me this?
3) Why are they telling me this now?

When it comes to the many lapsus, provocative statements, or incongruous flip-flopping, the auxiliary question is: Is is a mistake, an oversight, a manifestation of journalistic integrity, a glitch, or something else together?

We’ll let you be the judge of that; enjoy.

Prime-time French TV show on Canal+ (owned by Vincent Bolloré, a billionaire close to the Rothschild family), during which the guest, prompted by the host, burns his vaccine passport (archive 1, 2).

Israel MSM admitting that “the vast majority of the deceased are vaccinated and have seemingly gone through immune erosion” (archive 1, 2).

Rai 2 (Italian public TV, all-time coronacircus cheerleader) broadcasting a segment on how cases were fraudulently inflated for financial gain (archive 1, 2).

This story was all over the MSM (source). Watch the video to the right and wonder if this is real.
The question is whether her little dance steps while fake-collapsing are hilarious or not.
Lapsus or revelation?
Getting the sheep through the gate
Flip flop flip flop
More flipping and flopping
Is this degeneracy meant to convince anyone? (archive)
The MSM is angry (archive)

Lo and behold, Elon Musk is a champion of free speech and the truth! Never mind he also a champion of the Pentagon and an MSM darling.

It turns out Nicki Minaj is not an MK-Ultra starlet after all, she’s so much on the side of truth that the whole MSM believes we should know about it.

We could go on for pages like this; let us cite a few, last examples:

  • The Novac Djokovic Australian telenovela is interesting because of the synchronicity of his name, which we have already addressed. We love that the guy who opposed him on the injections, who went on to win the tournament, is called Needle; ahem, sorry, Nadel. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nadal ended up suffering side effects (or spectacularly collapsing on court at some point), with the MSM screaming that it has nothing to do with the miraculous elixir.
  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer is famous in the investment community for “leading the sheep” and always failing to beat the market. Investopedia defines the Cramer Bounce by saying: “The Cramer bounce refers to the sudden overnight rise of a stock’s price after it has been recommended by Jim Cramer […] The increase is attributed to Cramer’s reputation as a stock-picking guru, his convincing theatrics, and a sheep-following-the-herd mentality […] His recommendations affect the price, with the impact reversing quickly, consistent with pricing pressure caused by viewers’ jumping on Cramer’s recommendations”. What do you know, Cramer went on a crazy, authoritarian rant (much publicized by the rest of MSM), a few days before catching Covid despite being “tripled-jabbed”; the whole saga was of course all over legacy propaganda outlets.
  • Politicians (those meant to be thrown to the wolves) have been multiplying the provocative statements; from Macron’s “piss them off” to Biden’s “winter of severe illness and death” and Trudeau insulting protestors and asking whether “we should tolerate them”, etc. We don’t think these statements are meant to persuade anyone; they’re purposefully provocative.
  • The whole Joe Rogan / Spotify controversy was massively publicized by legacy propaganda outlets; what would be the purpose of this if the goal was to cover up Malone’s opinions? An entertaining chapter for us was when Neil Young intervened; the memes write themselves.

We are sticking to our assessment: in our opinion, there’s no way around it. The disclosure is part of the plan. We hope enough people will not fall for it.


The world is a stage; every piece of information fed to the masses, whether in criticism or in praise, is fake until proven otherwise. It’s all kayfabe, reality TV.

With that in mind, let’s summarize the current script, as best we understand it.

The barbarians who purport to rule this world are suffocating on medieval eschatological superstitions; in other words, they belong to an end-times cult. They wish to bring in a “new world order”, a.k.a. a “new age”, and their plan to do so is quite sophisticated; they understand that in order to be successful, the people must embrace it.

An important part of the plan is to convince as many people as possible that we are indeed in “the end times”. To do this, they are telling different stories, sold to different people, identities and demographics, that all have the same common denominator. Here are a few of the various colors this same archetypical story takes:

  • A calamitous warming of the Earth will cause a catastrophic rise of oceans, i.e. a great flood, and the Earth will soon be unlivable.
  • Globalists are taking over the world and about to implement a “great reset”.
  • An asteroid or pole shift will soon destroy the planet.
  • We are entering “new age”, “new Earth” or “age of Aquarius”.
  • The aliens are about to show up and a “great disclosure” is imminent.
  • A strongman will save us from evil and this will represent a “great awakening”.
  • The general level of tyranny and degeneracy proves we are in end-times and that Jesus is about to come back.
  • Recent battles and events in the Middle East prove we are in the time of the Mahdi and that the Dajjal will soon manifest (see here, here and here if you’re unfamiliar, archives 1, 2, 3).
  • The 50 (jubilee) years between the promise of Jerusalem, its “liberation“, and its recognition prove the “third temple” is about to be built and the moschiach is about the show up.

Do you see the silver lining? New world order, new age, great awakening, great reset, global warming, age of Aquarius, aeon of Horus, rapture, Moschiach, Mahdi, Maitreya, aliens, fourth turning. The story is always the same:

  1. A big crisis is coming
  2. The crisis will be followed/accompanied by tyranny
  3. There will be an awakening and we will be saved

It’s because we understand this script and these superstitions that we were able to predict the coronacircus would be characterized by absurdity, contradictions, confusion, admitted incompetence – and would end-up being recognized as an unmitigated fiasco.

It’s also because we understand this script that we’re able to predict what’s coming next:

  • Calling the coronacircus a fiasco will be mainstream
  • The incompetence of government/experts will be obvious to all
  • Knowing of the crimes of politicians will be mainstream
  • Civil unrest, economic calamity and famines are coming
  • War may be coming, involving China, Russia, and Islam
  • Politicians will be thrown to the wolves; guillotines on the agenda
  • There will be a (false) awakening and humanity will rejoice

To be sure, these events will be fully scripted. The goal is to fulfill an old, obscurantist promise. It’s also because we understand this script that we know it will ultimately and undoubtedly fail.

They Will Fail

Given this eschatological understanding, the first obvious question is: is the end of the world actually coming?

In other words: what if these are not superstitions? What if all the signs are indeed being placed by Providence, and that prophecy is actually unfolding? What if central planners have access to some secret knowledge that allows them to know the end is imminent?

Of course we cannot rule this out completely. It seems to be true the Earth has been rebooted a number of times already, that a recurring cataclysm happens every so often, that we aren’t the first global civilization to have populated this planet, and that more reboots will likely happen in the future.

Still, we maintain that such a reboot is highly unlikely in the foreseeable future (i.e. our lifetime and that of our children). Our claim is that the central planners may believe the end is near, or at least are trying to precipitate such an end, but that they are superstitious, endogamous barbarians who have no taste and no culture to speak of, that they’re wrong, and that their plan will fail.

The reason we’re confident in saying this is because we recognize who they are; we understand they’ve always held the same eschatological superstitions; that their oracles have a hundred times foretold to them that they should be masters of the world; and that all of their hailed conqueror-saviors have only served to condemn them to ruin.

We can also tell that, apart from the doom porn, and the “signs” they are themselves creating, there is no real indication of any of the “prophecies” being revealed. There aren’t any more natural catastrophes than a generation ago; the sun is not diverging from its usual cycle; and the statistical probability of an imminent extinction-level event is overall infinitesimal. But most importantly, the central planners wouldn’t need to artificially plant all these signs, wouldn’t need to convince us the end is nigh, wouldn’t need to do all they’re doing, if they were so sure it was about to happen by itself. They wouldn’t need to try and implement the prophecies themselves, if they indeed trusted their vengeful, jealous and bloodthirsty head deity would take care of it for them.


Without entering into the ineffable ways of Providence, we still can tell it has a great sense of humor; it has a habit of winking at those who are doing their best to remain on the path of beauty, justice, liberty and love. As such, we contend that not only will the barbarians’ plan fail, it will turn against them; it will end-up serving humanity.

But first, let us remind something fundamental.

If this realm is a prison, then the door was left wide open. I am in paradise, here and now. There is absolutely nothing to fear, as nothing can harm me. The beauty and love that permeate everything become obvious if I choose to focus on the experience, instead of the content of the experience. It is so easy, so obviously hidden in plain sight, that it cannot be described. Waking up to the nature of existence can be compared to becoming lucid in a dream; it is joyful and exhilarating; it is congruent with moral action, humor, beauty, liberty, and the pursuit of truth, for no other motive than truth itself.

This is what drives this author. This is what everyone should remember. It’s all a big bluff. There is nothing to fear. Just as it’s easy to avoid wearing a muzzle; just as it’s easy to avoid getting injected; it will be easy to avoid the coming violence. The only thing that is required, is that when confronted with the choice between what is easy and what is right, we choose what is right.

No tyrant has ever been able to subjugate, in any significant way, remote, mountainous locales. The emperor has no clothes, and never had any. The Earth is vast, overpopulation is a myth. Leaving the barbarians’ cities and cultivating a self-sustaining lifestyle may seem uncomfortable, but it must be done, and it’s not that hard.

Back to the Providence’s sense of humor; here is what we mean. The central planners, in trying to provoke a false awakening, will actually cause a real one. We will not end-up killing each other to the extent they hope; individual conscience, which they underestimate, will once again prove too formidable an obstacle.

You see, the parasites are incapable of beauty; they are illusionists, they belong to the orator, merchant and paper-shuffler class; they can only hijack, steer, spoil, and bastardize what others create; they must sell all their lies in a box of truth; and eventually, they will have admitted enough truths.

Here is a simple example; we came up with a free market of ideas, so they hijacked it (through DARPA) to mitigate its effects; we came up with social media (Usenet, IRC), so they created Facebook, Twitter and other monstrosities to attenuate the emergence of truth; visionaries and philosophers emerged from our midst, so they promoted their own to obfuscate the message. And yet, DARPA-Internet, Facebook, and Alex Jones still enlightened more than they obscured; all these things still proved a net benefit to humanity, even though the real thing would have been much better.

In other words: a real awakening was/is already baked in the cake. It is unavoidable; not because of some belief or superstition, but because action and interaction in Nature always allows the emergence of beauty and truth.The only thing the central planners can do is delay its emergence; to create their own ugly, vulgar, bastardized version of it.


In early January 2022, the president of Turkmenistan announced he was “closing the Gates of Hell“. This crater which methane is naturally seeping from was set on fire by the Soviets in 1971, and humanity has allegedly been unable to put it out for 50 years; that is, until 2022.

We figured this event had some concealed significance; why would obvious propaganda outlets in unison publicize (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, etc.) this non-event otherwise?

It turns out the timing was eerie. Post tenebras lux; after the dark, comes the light; after the tyranny, the liberation; the final part of the coronacircus rite of passage, the inversion, the transmutation, the crowning, was at hand. We understood this event as meaning that the coronacircus narrative would flip, that the rug would be pulled. That is indeed what started happening soon after the announcement. Fiat lux!

The injections’ side effects will be revealed; we don’t know the extent to which they will be real; we don’t know whether they will be said to cause heart attacks, cancer (note the omicron anagram), or AIDS. Given the news that’s been coming out, we would bet on the latter; it would perfectly tie in with Fauci, Montagnier, fraudulent PCR, and the social stigma / psychological warfare methods being played.

Whatever happens, 2022 will be interesting. Remember it’s all a big bluff; remember there is nothing to fear; this isn’t an encouragement to apathy; we continue to recommend changing one’s savings into physical precious metals, and most importantly leaving the cities.

Because we will be posting more infrequently, leave us your email if you wish to be informed of our next posts.