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Accelerationism and New World Order

The following two covers were published 33 years and 119 days apart exactly.

These two covers were published 33 years and 119 days apart.

The number 33 of course needs no further introduction; it is the occultists’ absolute favorite. 119 (and its numerological equivalent 911) became famous on 9/11/2001, on the occasion of the mass-illusion and mass-ritual that happened that day. It corresponds to, among other things, the mythological date on which both “Solomon temples” were destroyed (9th day of the 11th month).

For the occultists, 9 is the number of man, 10 is the number of equilibrium/God, and 11 represents the Initiate or “magus” that is beyond God. In turn, 911 symbolizes man ascending (being re-birthed, crowned, illuminated, etc.), superseding God without actually going through God.

911 thus represents the destruction of a former self/order, and the beginning of a new one. It is perfectly fitting that it is used to represent the destruction of the mythological temple, and that destruction’s occult re-enactment on September 11th, 2001.

This number appearing between the two Economist covers could be a coincidence, a synchronicity, or the initiative of some barbaric, superstitious mind; we opt for the latter explanation. Similarly we don’t think the pyramid and its culminating all-seeing eye is a random artistic preference.

The choice of the phoenix on the first cover is perfectly coherent, as indeed it rises from the ashes; hence the image also featuring various currencies burning. The fleur-de-lis on the bird’s head is a very old heraldic symbol of uncertain origin that has since time immemorial represented resurrection and enlightenment.

In other words: the propagandists are signaling by this recent cover that the promise made in 1988 – the destruction of the global monetary system allowing the establishment of a new form of currency – hasn’t been forgotten and will be fulfilled.

It is to be an event of ritualistic significance, congruent with destruction and rebirth.


On 2/1/21 (that’s another 33) the Scientific American journal published a conversation with Harvard University professor and chair of the astronomy department Dr. Avi Loeb (archive 1, 2, 3). It is titled: “Astronomer Avi Loeb Says Aliens Have Visited, and He’s Not Kidding“.

Whether what he says in that interview is true or not is not as relevant as the fact that such an article is published in a journal that represents the current scientific “common knowledge” (if you missed it, see our explanation of what this game theory concept means in this post).

The interview is about ʻOumuamua, that interstellar object observed 33 million kilometers from Earth (yes, 33) on 10/19 2017, which Mr Loeb believes is “nothing less than humanity’s first contact with an artifact of extraterrestrial intelligence”. The interview doesn’t carry much interest beyond that, as the former Israeli soldier, who compares himself to Galileo, merely pretends to defend himself for having the nerve of such an idea.

The interview follows his paper in the The Astrophysical Journal Letters (full copy here), and his book (available on libgen); it was also accompanied by many other stories in legacy propaganda outlets (see here and here for two such examples).

Mr Loeb’s book, in a nutshell, argues that Oumuamua is probably extraterrestrial technology (describing the unlikelihood, given its properties, that it is natural), and decries his colleague scientists for refusing to entertain the idea (repeatedly drawing parallels to Galileo versus the Catholic church).

The overriding theme however is subtler; to illustrate it, here are two noteworthy excerpts.

In 1998, the economist Robin Hanson published an essay titled “The Great Filter—Are We Almost Past It?” Perhaps the answer to Fermi’s paradox was, Hanson argued, that throughout the universe a civilization’s own technological advancement overwhelmingly predicts its destruction. The very moment when a civilization reaches our stage of technological advancement—the window where it can signal its existence to the rest of the universe and begin to send craft to other stars—is also the moment when its technological maturity becomes sufficient for its own destruction, whether through climate change or nuclear, biological, or chemical wars.

Hanson’s thought exercise has sufficient plausibility that humanity would do well to consider the question in his article’s title: Is human civilization nearing its own filter?

It would be no small irony if Fermi is the solution to his own paradox, for, with Fermi’s help, we developed nuclear weapons seven decades ago. But even without nuclear weapons, we are moving to destroy ourselves by permanently changing the climate. The rise of antibiotic resistance, due to many factors but certainly including the largely indiscriminate use of antibiotics in industrial agriculture and livestock, also poses a threat. So do pandemics, accelerated and exacerbated by our industrialized assault on our planet’s ecosystem.

Avi Loeb, Extraterrestrial, chapter 9

Imagine life on our planet the day after there is irrefutable confirmation of life elsewhere in the universe. Briefly entertain the hypothetical idea that ‘Oumuamua had been discovered before October 2017 and that we had the opportunity to launch a spacecraft with a camera that snapped a close-up photo of ‘Oumuamua at nearest approach and demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that this object was technological debris from an extraterrestrial civilization.
Now ask yourself: What would have followed?

Avi Loeb, Extraterrestrial, chapter 11

It is time to repeat something important, that we have insisted on a lot in previous posts. When propaganda mouthpieces publish a narrative, the first thing to do is to ask:

  • Who is telling me this?
  • Why are they telling me this?
  • Why are they telling me this now?

In other words: it is not the information itself that is relevant, it is rather the implication of it being published, i.e. the information about the information, and specifically the way common knowledge (what people know that other people know) is being shaped. Indeed we must have the discipline to look at the circus from a higher vantage point, rather than taking stories on the first degree (whether to welcome or denounce them).

When the stories are following a pattern, they are especially noteworthy; and when it comes to the ET narrative, and as we have repeatedly highlighted in the past, the pattern is definitely there.

Here is one recent example we find particularly amusing, because it is so blatant.

Source (video archive).

This interview was published this year on 3/22 (322 is the number of Skull and Bones but let’s not get into that), and was covered by other mainstream outlets (one, two examples).

And what do you know, on April 17 2020, that is 911 days after the first observation of ʻOumuamua, the Pentagon confirmed “the authenticity of videos showing unidentified flying objects” (archive 1, 2).

And just in case someone missed it, here is the popular TV show “60 Minutes” devoting a program on UFOs and the upcoming disclosure, interviewing a Navy pilot about the phenomenon.

60 Minutes on UFOs, interview of a military intelligence officer (archive).
Source (archive 1, 2)

In summary: some kind of big “disclosure” is coming, as indeed it has already started. We don’t know when it will happen, or the form it will take. We aren’t fixated on this summer, as this reddit post (archive) from 7 years ago announces, or as the $2.3 trillion coronacircus bill (and various outlets) are promising. Indeed we surmise it will take longer, as the monetary meltdown, and possibly a war, need to happen first.

We aren’t saying either it will happen as described in our fictional Journal From The Future. The important point is the broader eschatological theme the barbarians are pushing, and how they are accelerating towards it.

Let’s still venture a guess of how such a disclosure may happen, just for fun. Imagine the following press release; if it happened like this, and given everything that preceded it, people would be able to look back and not be surprised.

CNSA/Beijing, 2021-07-16 16:16:00, via Xinhua – On 19 October 2017, Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakalā Observatory (Hawaii) became the first human to observe an interstellar object in our solar system; he observed it 33 million kilometers from Earth and 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun. That object was formally designated as 1I/2017 U1, but has since then been colloquially known as ʻOumuamua.

Following the discovery by our American colleagues, the CNSA diverted its classified Shangdi-33 space probe, part of its glorious Project 921-10 exploration program, and sacrificed its Venusian mission in time to take a photograph, hereafter declassified. The picture is dated November 9th, 2017. As can be readily observed, the object of unknown origin is artificial, as indeed had been suspected; Chinese scientists have furthermore assessed it relies on advanced technology that does not presently exist on Earth.

Vaccine Circus

Before we make our point, here is a first exhibit. Please ask yourself whether such a cringe-worthy performance by New York City’s mayor is meant to actually persuade, or whether something more sinister is afoot.

De Blasio Vaccine for Burger & Fries (video archive)

In case you are unsure, here are a few other headlines. Click to enlarge the slider.

Here is another small collection of MSM articles of the same vein.

Honestly it is very difficult to keep track of such articles; with the selection above, we are merely scratching the surface. We have furthermore been collecting and publishing similar examples for many months.

Here are a two more examples of what we’re getting at, from the Australian MSM (Sky News).

Sky News and its top-rated host speaks against the Great Reset (video archive)
Sky News more recently speaking against the WHO and WEF (video archive)

So what’s going on? Why make the whole thing such a circus? Why make the narrative so preposterous? Why make the propaganda so blatant? Why give so much free material to “conspiracy theorists”, be it about UFOs or the coronacircus?

CDC recycling the NPC Meme (source, archive)

We have been asking this question for over a year; see our Revelation of the Method post if you missed it. There is an additional piece of that puzzle we haven’t discussed yet, it is called accelerationism; we will be touching on it before tying everything together.


The idea behind accelerationism is that radical change may be created by “accelerating” an existing system so much and to such an extent that its implosion may be brought about. Marxist theorists have espoused the idea in the past three decades especially, but its origin lies with Friedrich Nietzsche, who argued that “the leveling process of European man is the great process which should not be checked: one should even accelerate it”.

A lot has already been written on accelerationism, and most of it amounts to intellectual masturbation. To actually understand it, it is necessary to simplify the idea.

Essentially, it draws from the reductio ad absurdum principle, called proof by contradiction in mathematics. A classic example is the proof that √2 is irrational: instead of deriving it directly, you postulate that √2 is rational, push the reasoning to the extreme, and thus show it leads to an absurd conclusion.

Similarly, Marxists theorists after the fall of the Soviet Union realized that in order to destroy “capitalism”, the best way was actually to encourage its most aggressive variants; the goal being to bring about so much suffering and misery that people may end-up rejecting that system altogether. As such, accelerationism rests on the tried Hegelian principle of problem, reaction, solution.

Here is a revealing (and lauding) Guardian article about the idea (archive 1, 2). We are quoting interesting excerpts below.

Land wrote in 1992 that capitalism had never been properly unleashed, but instead had always been held back by politics, “the last great sentimental indulgence of mankind”. He dismissed Europe as a sclerotic, increasingly marginal place, “the racial trash-can of Asia”. And he saw civilisation everywhere accelerating towards an apocalypse: “Disorder must increase… Any [human] organisation is … a mere … detour in the inexorable death-flow.”

Land gave strange, theatrical lectures: clambering over chairs as he spoke, or sitting hunched over, rocking back and forth. He also spiced his pronouncements with black humour. He would tell lecture audiences, “I work in the field of The Collapse of Western Civilisation Studies.” A quarter of a century on, some former Warwick philosophy students still talk about him with awe. Robin Mackay says, “I think he’s one of the most important philosophers of the last 50 years.”

Here is another way to put it:

  • What is the best way to destroy science and reason? Force people to accept as reasonable and scientific the most absurd, preposterous notions, such as the idea that being a man or a woman is a matter of subjective preference.
  • What is the best way to destroy tolerance and inclusion? Pretend like they are represented by extremist organizations and behaviors, like the caricatural Black Lives Matter and the destruction it advocates.
  • What is the best way to destroy beauty, talent and art? Present as the epitomization of beauty, talent and art hideousness such as Duchamp’s urinal or total absurdity such as John Cage’s 4’33.
  • What is the best way to destroy democracy and the rule of law? Corrupt it to such an extent, put in power such inept leaders, that people start supporting military takeovers and authoritarian forms of government.

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a notorious accelerationist proposal meant to establish a “guaranteed annual income”. Instead of directly trying to implement such a program, which they realized would be unpopular, the two Jewish-American sociologists proposed in a radical 1966 paper (archive) to force change through chaos; the idea being that a welfare enrollment drive would strain local budgets, precipitating a crisis that would make the government implement ubiquitous welfare.

Indeed they openly state in their paper’s introduction: “if this strategy were implemented, a political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”. At least the agenda isn’t being concealed, as the following excerpt illustrates:

A series of welfare drives in large cities would, we believe, impel action on a new federal program to distribute income, eliminating the present public welfare system and alleviating the abject poverty which it perpetrates. Widespread campaigns to register the eligible poor for welfare aid, and to help existing recipients obtain their full benefits, would produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and state governments.
These disruptions would generate severe political strains, and deepen existing divisions among elements in the big-city Democratic coalition: the remaining white middle class, the white working-class ethnic groups and the growing minority poor. To avoid a further weakening of that historic coalition, a national Democratic administration would be constrained to advance a federal solution to poverty that would override local welfare failures, local class and racial conflicts and local revenue dilemmas.
By the internal disruption of local bureaucratic practices, by the furor over public welfare poverty, and by the collapse of current financing arrangements, powerful forces can be generated for major economic reforms at the national level.

In that light the coronacircus becomes clear: it is part of an accelerationist policy meant to destroy nation-States, by undermining our trust in institutions. Confronted with economic depression and faced with such a level of incompetence and corruption, the people will blame their leaders, and bring out the guillotines.

In that sense, it is very likely the “vaccines” will have debilitating side effects; not because the central planners need such a “jab” to poison people (they already have the flu shots, vaccine schedule, they are already poisoning our food, air and water, etc.); rather because such side effects would become widely known and avowed, and the “system” would be blamed for it. If these injections happen to injure, sterilize or kill millions of people, that would merely be a “bonus”, or the means to a more subversive and subtle end.

The coronacircus provocation, as highlighted, is the culmination of a subversive agenda started decades ago and meant to destroy the Western world. Because it is the culmination and the final chapter of that controlled demolition, it has very strong occult undertones, is considered by the barbarians as a “crowning”, and is meant to facilitate the emergence of a new age; it may thus even involve “aliens” as its final act.


For over a year we have been deciphering the barbarians’ agenda, illustrating our articles with numerous examples; in particular we’ve been insisting there might be more to the coronacircus than an obvious takeover using a pseudopandemic as pretext.

For example, in our Bill Gates post, we concluded by saying: “we find him to be too caricatural and obvious a villain […] we see him as an instrument of the uprisings central planners are looking to foster; his highly-publicized relationship with Jeffrey Epstein adds credence to this”. Now that every last MSM outlet is “outing” his relationship with the renowned child trafficker, we feel comforted in this view.

None of this would be clear however without the eschatological component, and understanding the central planners’ endeavor to bring in a “new age”, which rests in barbaric, medieval superstitions. It is only in such a context that it fully makes sense; we know they want revolt; we know they want war; we know they want some kind of “savior” to manifest at some point; and we can tell they are progressing towards that goal.

There is a Magical operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World-Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon.

Aleister Crowley, Magick (1997), Book 4 (source).

The dream of world domination is an old one indeed; from Alexander to Charlemagne, Napoleon to Hitler, Caesar to Stalin. Every one of these freaks was similarly driven by some occult, messianic psychosis. They have all failed, because Nature abhors central planning, and individual conscience always proves to be too formidable an obstacle. Awaiting this inevitable failure, one would still be well advised to find a remote location to hunker down for a while.