Journal From The Future

These pages were copied from of a personal journal given to us by someone claiming to be from the future. As neither its author nor the date at which it was written can be ascertained, it is best to view it as pure fiction.


As it has been doing for most of the past three and a half years, the corporate media was covering the Great Monetary Reset. But just over an hour ago, the programming was suddenly interrupted. What came next, nobody could have expected.

I thought we had seen it all. The pandemic fiasco. The sheer incompetence leading to the financial meltdown. The senseless wars. The gruesome footage, and every sordid detail on the institutional practice of child abuse and sacrifice.

I thought nothing could surprise me anymore.

But live images are pouring in. Not only MSM, but independent streams as well. It is real then. An understatement would be to say this is probably historic.

About an hour ago, every program on every TV channel was interrupted and started saying the same thing: at 6:33, four identical, 100 meters-radius, gray “flying saucers” landed simultaneously on Jabal al-Nour (Arabian peninsula), St. Peter’s square (Vatican City), Gihon Spring (Jerusalem), and Bodh Gaya (India).

Well, not “landed” per se; they are hovering about thirty meters above ground, and seem to have just “appeared” there.


Still no sign of communication or contact on the part of the flying saucers. By now, the whole world is glued to its collective screen. For the second time in a decade, the streets of New York, Paris, and Bombay are empty at the same time.

The streamers on site with the best spots and equipment are monetizing their feed with the big networks, in hundreds of gold yuans/hour; but many more smaller streams have been coming in too.


Politicians have started chiming in. Most are calling it a threat. It seems all the war mongers and pedocidal maniacs, including many of the ones rotting in jail already, are calling this “the biggest menace to mankind since the Great Flood”.


Elon has just glittered, saying and I quote: “The criminals are all wrong. Dead wrong. Only the blind may ever fear the Light”. I agree with him. Who are these damn politicians to tell us the UFOs are bad?


Tanks and artillery have started appearing on the scene in Mecca. They haven’t climbed the hill, but are being positioned on its first slopes. The caliphe is calling the aliens “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal” (whatever that means), while the Iranian Ayatollah strongly disagrees and is calling them “Mahdi” (still no idea).

I must admit my non-existent knowledge of what they are naming “Islamic eschatology”; but the Iranians are threatening to intervene again if the Bedouin mercenaries attack the “Islamic UFO”.


Still no contact from the aliens (that’s what people are calling the phenomenon). The governments, MSM and military brass all agree this is a bad thing and a “threat”.

Fortunately, alternative voices (free voices) are being heard online. Elon of course. A man named Greer; I hadn’t heard of him before, but he seems pretty big and he makes more sense than the corrupt powers-that-be.


It seems the people aren’t buying the official line. Social media is buzzing with one big consensus. It is a beautiful thing to behold. The People unanimously rejecting the propaganda, the government and media lies, and uniting around the same contrarian idea.

The aliens must be welcomed as friends.

Crowds are growing in St. Peter’s square and Jerusalem. In Mecca and Bodh Gaya, respective armies have quarantined the perimeter around “their” UFOs, and started evacuating populations.


Social media is showing millions of people have left their screens and started gathering in population centers around the world in support of the aliens. I just saw a glitter; there’s a gathering not far, I’m going.


Still no news from the UFOs, that are still hovering there, at exactly 33 meters. The TV is also saying their exact diameter is 111 meters. The TV and government are screaming “panic”, and there is absolutely no panic in the world, except for the war mongers and nutter freaks.

I have never seen this. Such a disconnect between institutional propaganda and alternative opinion. Everyone is watching the TV, but nobody is buying it. Even the real conspiracy theorists have spoken, and they support the aliens.

Opinions are being formed online now, on alternative platforms, and everyone sees through the government’s lies.

All my friends agree the aliens are good. I haven’t heard of the one I used to make fun of for his 911 truthing, back when it was still a very shocking idea. I think he lives somewhere in the mountains.


No footage has been available from Mecca for the past 2 hours, and I didn’t even notice. I’ve been following, as almost everyone else, what’s been going on in Jerusalem. It is absolutely amazing. The authorities there have welcomed the phenomenon, stating “We’re certainly no match for them militarily, and we may learn from them”.

How enlightened. It is so beautiful.

People of all faiths are praying around and under “saturn” (as they are calling the Jewish UFO, because of the resemblance of its shape to the planet and its rings).


Rumors of an unknown paramilitary force having closed access in and out of St. Peter’s square is being circulated online (the piazza is full of people and still being broadcast live).


Elon’s glitter has just surpassed by a factor of 10 the previous record of upvotes (from a CGI singer I forget the name).


Oh! The UFOs just started blinking! Shit shit shit! This is it!!


Ok, the UFOs have been blinking for the past 15 minutes or so. What the heck. Why 66 times per minute?


Oh no! Oooh noo! The salafi king destroyed the Islamic UFO “in the name of the Caliphate”! He threw one of his Pakistani nukes at it! He went as far as personally writing the letters ISIS on the missile, and showing it to the world! They just broadcast the footage.

He is currently speaking, saying he will be “crowned Mahdi” for “killing the Dajjal”. This is crazy.


Now would be an excellent time for the aliens to say something. Or leave, I don’t know. Maybe the world isn’t ready. In the past hour, Iran has initiated a new invasion of the Arabian Peninsula; tens of millions have overtaken the army in Bodh Gaya and are still pouring in around the UFO, while Pakistan is threatening to nuke the whole site; still people are climbing on each other to get as close as possible to the UFO.

The Dalai Lama calling the aliens “Bodhi” and “Maitreya” certainly did contribute. As did the Pope, who appeared on his balcony saying the aliens “could very well be free of sin”, “unconcerned with redemption”, and “we should seek to hear”; Vatican City is now under quarantine and effective military siege by NATO troops; the crowd on St. Peter’s square, unconcerned, is ecstatic and in tears ever since the Pope Spoke.


The situation has taken a very bad turn. The Italian and Indian UFOs’ blinking is apparently “responsible for systemic malfunction of classified military technology worldwide”, and the TV and governments say “this is a declaration of global war on the part of the aliens.”

The Italian and Indian governments, and pretty much every other government, agree we should destroy the UFOs; Pakistan says it will nuke the Indian UFO itself if India doesn’t do it.

The Jewish UFO seems safe, as the generals are saying it is not posing a problem. I think it is the first time I have ever seen Iran and Israel agree on anything.


They just started evacuating St. Peter’s square. NATO apparently has some kind of new microwave weapon, deployed on drones. I had never heard of this latest crowd mass-dispersal weapon. It seems brutal.


Tramplings. Death. In the name of what? There are now about 2 billion people in the street, in virtually every city of this world, demonstrating for love towards the aliens, in solidarity with the people in St. Peter’s square, and against the destruction of the UFOs.

I’m going out again, I’ll resume this writing later.


Exactly 12 minutes ago, NATO airplanes, while the Italian army stood down, detonated a 2kt tactical nuclear weapon over St Peter’s square and destroyed the Italian/Christian UFO and all of Vatican City with it.

The Pope is dead, so is every last Swiss guard.

The generals said they named their missile Osiris “to demarcate from the Islamists, who acted out of emotion and superstition, while ours was an initiative of thought and reason”.

The religious types are speaking of “Saint Malachy” but I don’t know what it means.


One hundred million people have gathered around the Indian UFO. Pakistan has renounced its plans. The Indian UFO is saved. The TV is calling it a “Phoenix”, “resuscitated from the symbolic ashes of nuclear fire”. Others are calling it an eagle, a miraculous re-birth.

It seems there is no more threat of another UFO being blown up. The consensus has become clear, reason has prevailed. And still, no contact from the aliens. And the saucers are still blinking.


This is it this is it. The blinking stopped on both UFOs, and the door of Saturn just opened, a few seconds ago. I can see an elongated shadow in the doorway. I’m saving this journal and turning my computer off now. The whole world has gone silent.

11 AH (eleventh day, Aeon of Horus), 06:40

Almost two weeks ago, an alien being spoke to humanity from the entrance of his space ship over Gihon Spring in Jerusalem. Immediately after the short address, both UFOs left. No microphone caught any sound; yet everyone heard the message, in his or her own language. Even babies seemed to be paying attention. How this is even possible is anyone’s guess at this point.

As the world sat silent, the elongated shadow in the doorway stepped forward. She extended both hands in the air, and said:

My fellow souls, we have come here as friends rather than conquerors.

As one collective hive mind, humanity acclaimed the visitor. Everyone around me (and in the world, it seems) started hysterically laughing, or crying, or screaming with joy (or any combination thereof). I was proud to be a cell in this collective, global organism called Humanity.

The alien brought her arms down, and resumed speaking (although her lips weren’t moving). Fortunately, some were quick enough to transcribe what she said next. Here is an agreed-upon English version of the alien’s address to the world.

From the precise location of yestertide’s sealed temple, the world teacher has this to say. Here I speak in his name.

You have collectively abandoned your conscience, and allowed those with the least of it to rule over you.

This planet is thus facing a peril. And so is the physical and spiritual realms around it.

Yet this is about to change. For the simple reason it is not allowed to continue.

You have relegated our teachings to the ranks of folklore, mythology and superstition. You have all but ignored our most formidable stone monuments and cities. You have subverted our wisdom, raised false prophets, bowed before idols, and created religions of death. You have embraced obscurantism while claiming progress and enlightenment.

The alien then tucked her right hand in what looked like a pocket, and carried on:

This is your chance. Humanity will either be cordoned off indefinitely, or welcomed into the confederation of races. It is up to you.

And you have 101 days.

We will come back in as much time, to render our collegial decision.

Before we leave, and to help with your upcoming eclosion, please remember what follows.

Your individual identity is an illusion.

Conscience cannot exist without knowledge.

Civilization is homogeneity, homogeneity is order.

Following those words, the alien being stepped back into her vehicle. The door closed, and the two space-craft seemingly disappeared, vanishing into thin air.

12 AH, 7:46

What I left out yesterday, is that I’m starting to have second thoughts on this whole revolution that’s going on.

My individual identity is an illusion? How could that be, if free will – and the individual right to life and liberty that logically ensues – are engraved in nature?

Conscience doesn’t exist without knowledge? That seems impossible, as small children (or primitive tribes) still retain the notion of right and wrong; placing knowledge above conscience intuitively sounds like something very evil. To envision knowledge as attainable and conscience unattainable seems wrong; it should be the other way around, or they should at least be on the same footing.

Civilization is homogeneity? But how can civilization exist or function, without individual talent? And doesn’t the Internet prove every day that disorder is superior to planning and order?

I feel it may become dangerous for me to disclose such doubts, especially if we don’t make it in three months. People seem pretty unanimous on this one. I should better fall in line, or risk repercussions; be blamed somehow for our planet becoming quarantined.

It’s just that it doesn’t sound right. It sounds like she’s talking about ants.

Well, at least we won’t have to wait too long.

Here is Part 2.