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Revolt Is Going Mainstream

We are parsing the news regarding the Coronacircus on a daily basis, seeking to falsify our working theory; namely, that it is meant to enrage enough people to cause uprisings.

Everything we are seeing, however, is rather comforting this view. In this post, we shall provide a small sample of these mainstream news stories which we find are either provocatively absurd, or either directly encouraging insurrection.

Uprising in France

France is esoterically very significant to the central planners. That is where their plan was put into motion in the 18th century (French revolution), and where it took its modern and overt connotations in the 19th (Dreyfus affair). In the 20th century, that is where Western opposition to the dollar rule first materialized, and where the ongoing “cultural revolution” started; it is also where, more recently, opposition to American imperialism and exceptionalism was best represented.

It is most likely also where the coming upheaval will start. In a recent post, we predicted a “summer of rage” in France. Indeed everything seems to be pointing in that direction.

The Gatestone Institute, a neoconservative think-tank founded by Nina Rosenwald and presided until 2018 by John Bolton, came out last Sunday with an article entitled “France’s No-Go Zones: The Riots Return” (archive 1, archive 2). It quotes Yves Lefebvre, president of a police union, saying:

The government knows that a large-scale uprising could happen, and that a minor incident might be enough to set the powder keg ablaze. Therefore, police officers have unwritten instructions: they must avoid incidents at all costs. If an incident occurs, they know that the government will blame the police, and no one else.

Of course they frame the coming revolt as a war between “radical islam” and “Western civilization”. That is a narrative the Gatestone Institute has been defending since its inception; it is a very important one, as such a “clash of civilization” is a cornerstone of the occult agenda behind the coming chaos (future posts will be getting into that).

However fanatical the think tank may be, its analysis is quite correct; it merely omits to mention who actually stands behind such a clash, who is planning to gain from it, and their own role in provoking it. Of most interest is the conclusion:

“Two months of lockdown,” the author Éric Zemmour said on CNews TV, “will lead to an unprecedented economic crisis and probably to a very serious explosion of violence: it is high time to face reality: France is on the brink of chaos”. [Note: CNews belongs to Canal Plus, owned by Vincent Bolloré, maternal grandson of Nicole Goldschmidt, a very close acquaintance of Edmond de Rothschild].

Eric Zemmour is a very famous Jewish-French pseudointellectual and agent provocateur, whom we already mentioned in a previous post. He is the figurehead of the “antithesis” in France; and even though he is ostensibly opposed to the “current system”, he is omnipresent on subsidized French TV (and in the propaganda press in general). Currently he is posing as a martyr because he was insulted and spat on (and of course that incident was filmed and largely advertised).

Quite notably, Zemmour wrote in his 2016 book Un quinquennat pour rien that an “Operation Brambles” will one day be conducted against the French banlieues (low-income suburbs), with the help of “specialists” from the Israeli army, to “cleanse” these neighborhoods.

Enable the subtitles in the following video.

(Video archive 1, archive 2, French subtitles, English subtitles).

The central planners are doing everything possible to alienate the French people; in March, a letter was conveniently leaked (and highly advertised), revealing the government wasn’t enforcing the lockdown in the banlieues; that lockdown has otherwise been the strictest in Europe. The repression has also been debilitating: since the start of the lockdown, more than 915,000 citations have been handed out, and 15.5 million persons have been “stopped and checked” (i.e. harassed by the police on the street).

Most importantly however, the French propaganda outlets are writing and advertising that France is in decay, that its leaders are incompetent, that politicians are endangering lives, that Sweden is doing much better, etc. This subversion is not new, and has been going on for a while. The significant point here is not whether these criticisms are legitimate (they are), but that they are being voiced by the subsidized and controlled media.

So Many Provocations

Here we have compiled a small sample of occurrences we consider to be blatant provocations in the US and international media. These are done on purpose, either to rile people up, or to promote conspiracy thinking.

  • Elon Musk, whose company SpaceX works hand-in-hand with the Pentagon, who’s the media darling and the poster boy for the caricatural transhumanist new world order, has been tweeting/speaking against the coronacircus, and promoting counter-narratives; most importantly, this has been widely publicized.
  • The amount of “Freudian slips” or “hot mic” incidents has been astounding; Dr. Birx slipping (archive 1, archive 2) she receives instructions from the Gates foundation, journalists in the White House briefing room saying “it was a hoax” and “we’ve all been vaccinated” (archive), the Chief executive of the royal college of nurses saying “we haven’t infected enough of the population” (archive 1, archive 2), etc.
  • The planted story of that coronavirus researcher “on the verge of making a very significant finding” who was found shot dead from a “self-inflicted gunshot wound”. Whether he really existed or not, and whether he actually died or not is not the point; the story being repeated over and over by the propaganda outlets is.
  • The fact we are being told Dr. Fauci backed the “controversial Wuhan Lab” for “risky coronavirus research”.
  • Blatant and repeated figureheads’ hypocrisy: De Blasio using his gym after banning New Yorkers from using gyms, the Chicago mayor visiting a hairstylist after banning hairstylists, a Texas mayor visiting a nail salon after banning nail salons, the Illinois governor’s wife flying to Florida after her husband’s stay-at-home order, Obama golfing as Michelle said to stay home, Ivanka Trump disregarding federal guidelines for passover, “Professor lockdown” meeting his lover in the midst of a lockdown, etc. And of course all these stories being featured by the MSM.
  • The WHO lauding Sweden, the only European country that utterly ignored its lockdown recommendations.
  • Tanzanian president highlighting the fraudulent Covid tests after a goat and papaya tested positive.
  • Etc.

We’ll stop there; there are so many other examples we couldn’t possibly list them all. We haven’t mentioned our favorite one however: the #1 tennis player in the world coming out against the vaccine. His name, you guessed it, is “no vac”. Either this is a synchronicity (and the Universe has a superb sense of humor), or the propagandists are having great fun with subliminal programming.

So Many Absurdities

Now try to imagine the kind of bumbling fool that takes all of this seriously; very few people are that stupid. Or at least let’s hope so.

If you can make people believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities (Voltaire)


This ongoing circus would be hilarous if it wasn’t spreading such misery and fear. About the revolt, it is only starting, even though the economic devastation hasn’t materialized yet.

The famines will not only affect the developing world, but the developed world as well. That is probably and unfortunately part of the plan (archive 1, archive 2); you don’t get a full-blown revolt if people aren’t hungry.

The only moral solution, in our opinion, is to opt-out from the circus and the reign of lies; leave the cities; practice media distancing; gather in small communities and develop a self-sustaining lifestyle. The authors of this website are currently developing such a community somewhere in the mountains; in a few weeks, we will be able to write about it more, and we hope others will join.