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Such A News Segment Would Be Impossible Today

In a world that has been turned upside-down, glimpses into the truth are treated with increased hostility. Please consider this news segment from the 1970s, and ask yourself how likely you would be to see something like this today. On further investigation, it is not all that surprising however. The vaccine court, whose proceedings are […]

Analysis Opinion

What Do We Know About The COVID Test?

We are happy to assume the lab clerks testing for the “new coronavirus” are acting in good faith. But what are they testing for exactly? And how reliable is their test? Here is some little-publicized information that may partially answer these questions. Exhibit 1 A Chinese study published by researchers Zhuang GH et al., from […]


Un messaggio per i nostri amici italiani

Il miglior antidoto è la verità. In un momento in cui i nostri diritti individuali e naturali stanno attacco a un ritmo mai visto prima in tempo di pace, è importante comprendere il contesto. Questo video può aiutarvi a mettervi sulla strada giusta.